Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Car Journeys with Dad

Recently, The Car People contacted me and asked me to write a post about my favourite car journey with my Dad. There have been so many car journeys over the years with my Dad, such as those as a kid to pick my Mum up from work, playing lots of eye spy in the car park waiting for her, to University open days, the holidays, and the pick ups from the gigs as a teenager. There have been many memorable ones since I have been able to drive too, like picking him up from the pub with his friends on a Friday night (and usually stopping for food on the way home), but immediately when asked about my favourite car journey with Dad, the ones home from Download Festival were the ones I thought of first.

A few years ago I confessed that I love to go to Download with my Dad and in that post I mentioned how much fun I find the car journeys home. My Dad has usually had a few beers by the time we're ready to head home, so can be quite merry, and obviously we have to put on some good music. He almost always tries to turn the volume up and I always turn it back down again, quite the role reversal! He's going a bit deaf from years of listening to very loud music, so I'm trying to keep my hearing intact, and it's always very funny and eventually we come to a happy agreement. There's usually snacks left over from the day that we're eating, and he'll be in his socks with muddy wellies in the boot, both of us looking forward to our beds but also not wanting the day to end.

I love spending time with my Dad, he's very cool for an over 50 retiree, and this year we are lucky enough to be going to both the Friday of Download, and Glastonbury, so a lot of festival time for us both! I chalk up my quite brilliant music taste to him, as well as my love of adventure, so hopefully the festival car trips will continue for many more years.

Have you had any memorable car journeys with your Dad? Let me know in the comments below.

Rachel x

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  1. Aw Rachel, this was such a cute post! It's lovely to have so many nice family memories such as this - I'm sure that your Dad treasures them just as much as you do! My fave car journey with my Dad was when he "accidentally" opened the car window on my Mum's side as he drove through a flooded ford - she got soaked and we were in the back dying with laughter! 😂😂😂

    Abbey 💓


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