Friday, 7 April 2017

Dinner at Bill's

A few weeks ago Rich's Mum and Step-Dad came up to visit and we headed to our nearest Bill's for tea, and as the last time I photographed it was when they came to visit in 2015 I thought it was high time I took my big camera and blogged about it again.

We headed into town after I'd finished work, and we were swiftly seated in a lovely booth. One of my favourite things about Bill's is the decor and the cosiness of the restaurant. Even if you're not in a booth it always feels cosy and private, feeling homely and relaxed.

The new virgin cocktails sounded really interesting and tasty, so I ordered the Sussex sunset, which was really refreshing, and Rich's Step-Dad ordered the Watermelon and Raspberry cooler, which looked impressive with it's big wedge of watermelon on top.

To me there's only ever one option when ordering a starter at Bill's, and it's the Halloumi sticks. I love halloumi, and these are the perfect size and the perfect amount of meltiness. The dip is lovely and it's just the most satisfying starter ever for me.

Rich opted for the chicken skewers, because that man loves his chicken. I got to try a bit and it was lovely, moist and flavourful. Nothing will ever tempt me away from my beloved halloumi though!

Unusually for us, both Rich and I went for burgers. Rich went for the classic Buttermilk chicken burger, and I heard no complaints as he wolfed it down, so it must have been good!

I went for the lamb burger special, which was gorgeous and quite unusual, so I loved the feast of different flavours.

Would you believe that after all of that we still had room for dessert? Actually, knowing us, yes. I was torn between the lemon meringue pie cheesecake and the warm mini cinnamon donuts, but in the end Rich had the cheesecake, which looked and tasted amazing, and I had the donuts.

The donuts came with strawberries, which were a nice touch, a chocolate dipping sauce and a salted caramel dipping sauce. The caramel one absolutely stole the show, being the perfect mix of sweet, sticky and that little bit salty, whereas the chocolate was just a bit bland and boring for me.

All in all, it was a lovely meal out at Bill's, with the perfect amount of time between courses to chat and have fun, and the perfect amount of food to leave you feeling full, but not so stuffed you can't move.

Do you have any favourites at Bill's? Let me know in the comments below!

Rachel x

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