Wednesday, 1 March 2017

You have to watch Stranger Things, it's SO good...


Oh my gosh.

I have not loved something this much since Orange is the New Black (2014), The Matrix (2004) and Harry Potter (1997). In other words, this is an OBSESSION.

I’d heard so much about Stranger Things, but it took me a really long time to get around to watching it, mostly because Rich and I only tend to watch 1 episode of a TV show per night, as we don’t really watch that much TV, and we like to complete shows before moving onto a new one. We’d only just started watching How I Met Your Mother when Stranger Things came on my radar, and there are 9 series of that to get through (as well as Rich working away a lot which always adds a lot of time to our series watching). Eventually though we finished it, and the other Friday we settled down to watch the first episode of Stranger Things.

The first episode turned into the next, which turned into the next, which turned into lets order Domino’s for tea so we don’t have to leave the sofa, and then ultimately ended up with us watching 5 episodes and only having to stop because I was getting crazy sleepy and didn’t want to miss any of it.

The series got finished the next day.

What an absolute ride of a series it is. If anyone is a fan of Stephen King novels you’ll notice the slight nods given to him all the way through, and it definitely has a feel of Super 8 mixed with a Stephen King novel.

I immediately had strong feelings about each of the characters, which is a rare occurrence for me, and I felt really invested in their lives. Eleven is just about the coolest girl ever, and the boys are my little heros. I loved watching them play D&D, and from things I’ve seen online it’s brought the game to a whole new audience, which is always a good thing (my D&D posts are coming, I promise!). Winona Ryder is absolutely superb as Joyce and plays the grieving mother perfectly, I felt her pain throughout the series, which ended up feeling more like an 8 hour long movie than a TV show.

I cannot wait for series two, and definitely plan to book out two days to binge it again, as it was a total rollercoaster. In fact, I need to watch series one again as I think I need some more time to digest it properly and appreciate the beauty from the beginning.

YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS!!! Let me know if you have and please tell me that you’re as obsessed as I am.

Rachel x

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