Monday, 20 March 2017

Meal Planning Monday V

Happy first day of spring - well, according to Facebook anyway, even if the torrential rain at work today did remind me more of winter. How was everyones weekend? Mine was pretty amazing ta, Nat came to stay, and we had quite possibly the most board game filled weekend ever. Along with playing many board games at home, we headed to the Thirsty Meeples again on Saturday and played some great games, and spent Saturday night playing Ticket to Ride Pennsylvania for the first time with Cat and Ollie. It also meant Nat got to meet (and promptly fall in love with) baby Alanna, and have cuddles from her which she enjoyed.

All too quickly though it's Monday again and another week of work looms, however I've got Friday afternoon off this week for something very exciting! So, here's what I'm eating this week:

Monday: Tonight's tea is Deliciously Ella chickpea chilli with baked sweet potatoes, which is actually cooking as I type and smells incredible.
Tuesday: Chilli from the freezer as I have a massage booked in for after work (thank goodness, my back is so stiff!)
Wednesday: This will probably be something light and quick from Oxford before I head to the Hotter Shoes event in the evening, yay!
Thursday: Another freezer dive, I think I've spotted some curries in there so I'll probably have one of those.
Friday: Most likely will be eaten out. I promise to tell you all about it next Monday!

So there we have it. As always, let me know in the comments what you're having for tea this week.

Rachel x

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