Saturday, 4 February 2017

On Not Giving a F***

It's been just over 3 months now since Rich and I packed up our lives to start again here in Oxfordshire, and I feel like since moving I've finally sussed out how not to give a f*** (I want to say the swear but I have family that read this blog, and I can't bring myself to use that word in front of my Grandma!) about what other people think.

I'm the girl who made out like she liked things, just to seem "cool", who wished for YEARS that she had straight hair because that's what everyone else had, and wouldn't talk about things I liked in case people laughed at me.

It's been slow progress, but I finally think I'm there. I now no longer care about telling people I love watching YouTubers, I don't really watch TV, that I go to festivals with my Dad and that I am in a D&D party and I love it. When I first started telling people these things, some laughed at me, but some people immediately started telling me about similar things that they enjoy too. In fact, by telling a girl at my new job that I love computer games, it's forged a really nice friendship between us both, and we have regular discussions about what we're playing.

In the spirit of not giving a f***, I'm going to start making more blog posts about these more alternative things. A part of the reason why I've not blogged so much recently is because the things I'm passionate about at the moment are really geeky, but it finally twigged the other day that it doesn't matter, I should just blog about those instead.

So prepare to see some blog posts about Dungeons and Dragons, board games, and any other general geekiness which I'm loving at the moment. I hope this won't put you off reading my blog, but it will definitely show you a part of my world I've never let you into before (does that sound dirty to anyone else?). I also have a LOT of embarrassing stories I can share, so why the hell not.

Rachel x


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