Monday, 20 February 2017

Meal Planning Monday I

Meal Planning Monday

I've been reading Clare's blog A Wee Bit of Cake for years now and have always thoroughly enjoyed her Meal Planning Monday posts, so thought I'd jump on the bandwagon (late, I'm always so late to a bandwagon) and share with you what I'm planning to eat this week.

Whenever I make a particularly photogenic meal I always Instagram it, so if you want to see live what I'm munching you should follow me on @inelegantwench.

I'm mostly following the Madeline Shaw 10 day meal plan this week which I got for signing up to her mailing list (link). I attempted to follow the first 5 days last week with mixed results. It being Rich's birthday on Saturday (blog post coming Wednesday!) and having a big important meeting at work, meaning lots of biscuits and a free lunch meant that a lot of it didn't get followed. Oops. I'm working from home for most of this week though so I'm hoping it'll mean I can stick to it a lot better.

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Monday: Black bean chilli (already eaten and instagrammed, see the pic above!)
Tuesday: Vegetarian spaghetti bolognese which will be made for me by my amazing friends
Wednesday: Smoked mackerel salad
Thursday: Leftover black bean chilli from the freezer
Friday: Lamb chops with parsnip mash and kale

I've not planned the weekend because we're playing D&D on Saturday evening which probably means either eating out at lunch or getting a takeaway for tea. Sunday will most likely be a roast of some description because we've really gotten into them at the minute. Our roast potatoes are the best ones in the world. Fact.

Let me know what you'll be eating this week if you know, I love nosing at other people's meal plans. I'm definitely that person being nosy at what you have on the supermarket conveyor belt in the queue.

Rachel x


  1. I braved Aldi on Saturday so we actually have a full fridge! I meal plan, but I don't assign meals to specific days or else I feel really constricted, so this is just our next few meals (I have a dress fitting at home at the weekend so this will be until Friday):
    I had Aldi tortelloni tonight with cheese, and B had a homemade frozen shepherds' pie (bleurgh)
    For the rest of the week we have:
    fresh salmon with carrots, asparagus and new potatoes
    Slimming World sweet and sour pork with egg-fried rice
    chilli con carne
    Spanish-style potato omelette with ham

    Do you take leftovers for lunch? Are you good at sticking to a budget? (I'm so nosey!)

  2. This sounds delicious! And your Instagram food photos always look so colourful and wholesome :) I've been trying to cook more over the last few months and definitely getting better, but I tend to freestyle it instead of following recipes. My latest find is banana pancakes (with banana in the mixture) covered in Reece's Peanut Butter Cup spread. Not healthy. Not sorry. So damn tasty.
    P.s. I totally judge conveyor belts too. My favourite is the man in a stained white wife beater vest buying 6 pints of semi-skimmed and a whole cooked chicken.


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