Friday, 24 February 2017

Film Review Friday | The Lego Batman Movie

I was quite excited when I saw the trailers for Lego Batman earlier this year, it looked funny, and as a
fan of the Lego Harry Potter games, I knew there was potential for it to be very tongue in cheek. I
was never a massive fan of the original Lego movie; I tried to watch it twice, but both times fell
asleep, but still went into the cinema feeling positive.


I absolutely loved the beginning of the movie, with Batman talking over the intro cards and it
definitely reminded me of Deadpool, but a very much more child-friendly version. However the
beginning of the film was a huge action sequence which just felt a bit ridiculous, and very childish,
which was a theme which ran throughout the movie.

Some “kids” films are just as watchable for adults, like Toy Story and Wall-E, but Lego Batman leaned a little too heavily into kid humour, so the adult nods could get a little lost amongst the stupidity. I did get extremely excited when Voldemort turned up however, even though that in itself a little WTF.

Overall I’d say that it was watchable, but I won’t be rushing to see any other Lego movies which
come out, I’ll probably wait until they’re on TV at some point instead.

I'd give it a middling 7/10.

Rachel x

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