Friday, 12 February 2016

Chuffing Heck...

So. The last time I posted was at the very beginning of December. Now it's February. Rachel. What happened?!

Well, as you know, I got married at the end of November, and went on a very blissful mini-moon straight after for a week. Then it was December, and it began to sink in that it was Christmas in a matter of weeks, and I'd not bought or prepared a thing for it, and we were hosting Christmas too. So my hopeful plan of life relaxing after the wedding didn't happen.

Then. Two weeks before Christmas Rich came home from work and told me that he was going away on boxing day. For up to 6 months.

Yeah, I just laughed. There was no other response to it than just laughing at the craziness of it. We were moving onto base in January, and having our honeymoon in February, and Rich was going away.

Christmas itself was amazing, Rich and I hosted my Mum, Dad and sister, and we had a fantastic day. We managed to cook a pretty good Christmas dinner together, which I think has made me level up at adulthood. Boxing day was bitter sweet though. Still in the Christmas glow I had to drive Rich up to base to drop him off. Not really knowing when I'd see him again made it worse than last time, but I am getting better at just getting on with things.

Then moving was happening, luckily my parents are fantastic, and they came up to Leeds to help me pack and move, which all went smoothly, aside from them finding some rather embarrassing things whilst packing for me...

Now that I've moved, my commute has gone up to an hour and 35 minutes, each way. 85 miles. It's a bit crazy, and has been taking me quite a long time to get used to. Losing that extra hour a day has such an impact, especially as if I don't get 7 and a half hours sleep a night I'm a zombie.

Throughout all of this, we weren't sure if Rich was going to be coming home for the honeymoon or not. Meaning I couldn't get excited for it as I may have been disappointed, and I was trying to resist buying things for it, as I didn't want to waste money if we were going to have to cancel it all. Yet it was getting closer and closer to the time when we'd be leaving so I've had to start buying all the things without much time to spare.

All of this has meant that I've still been a mega ball of stress. My poor shoulders have been knotted up like crazy, and I've been having lots of ill-effects from it all. Sleep has basically been nightmares since Rich left, and it's all been getting a bit much. Hence the lack of blog posts.

However, we got the amazing news last week that Rich is coming home, so we are definitely going on honeymoon! By the time you read this he will be back in the UK, and I am beyond excited. I'm also hoping that my life may begin to chill out again (famous last words?) especially as having Rich home means I get help with cooking, cleaning and general household things.

So I will leave you with the promise of more blog posts to come. We go on honeymoon super soon to spend an amazing two weeks in Miami, and on a Caribbean Cruise. If you want to keep up with what I'm up to, follow my Instagram (@inelegantwench) for sneak peeks! I'll get the hen do, wedding and honeymoon posts up when I'm able, with some foodie ones thrown in, because when am I not thinking about food?

I hope you're all well, and thank you so much for sticking around!

Rachel xx

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