Friday, 11 November 2016

New Job Wishlist

I know, I know, I keep banging on about my new job, but I'm excited okay? It's been a fair while since I was in a professional environment now, and I kind of want to update a few things before I start work (but the lack of money means they'll probably end up being first pay packet treats, oh well) as I'm going to try and be the professional 27 year old that they think I am.

What's a new job without some new stationery, am I right?

Image courtesy of Girl Loves Glam
I had a Personal Planner gift voucher in my Hull Bloggers Meetup goody bag last year, and absolutely loved it, but it's sadly run out now, so I'm definitely wanting to invest in another. The only thing keeping me from doing it though is trying to come up with a good design for the cover. Their instagram has loads of gorgeous ones on it, so it's a project to get on with soon I think.

I could probably also do with getting a new work notebook, such as this one from Paperchase (£6.50) however I have discovered that I just can't buy notebooks online. There's something about being able to touch them and hold them to find out which is the right one for you, which you just can't replicate online. I take my stationery buying seriously, in case you didn't know.

I've had my current purse for ages now, and could really do with a new one. I'm loving ones with a zip which goes all around it, like this one from Accessorize (£17) but I definitely can't justify spending so much on a purse without checking it out first to make sure it has enough card slots etc. I really need to go do some serious shopping soon don't I?
This one is completely crazy, but I have wanted a Macbook for the longest time now. I don't need one as I already have both a laptop and a desktop, but it hasn't stopped the desire. In the new job I'll be travelling sometimes, and my current laptop is far too big to travel around with comfortably, whereas a 13 inch Macbook would be much more portable, and allow me to blog from many more locations. I could even take it to work with me to blog on my lunch, which would be really useful. The fact it looks so gorgeous in photos definitely doesn't hurt, but the newly steep prices do. I'll keep dreaming and one day I may be able to justify over a grand on a beautiful shiny Macbook of wonder.

Far more practically, this is something I may have already purchased; but to me it was an essential. My regular coat is a parka, perfect for bundling up in when you wear jeans, but not in a cute dress for the office, unlike this coat. This gorgeous coat is from New Look and was £54.99. A bit steep, but with Rich's discount it was a bit better. It's stunning though, so totally worth it!

I have the feeling that the dress code in my new office might be a bit smarter than my previous one, so I'd love this dress from Next as I'd still feel like myself, but smarter. I'm a complete sucker for layered shirt dresses, and this one is stunning. I tend to wear a lot of black to work, so would be great to have a different colour!

Rachel xx

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