Sunday, 27 November 2016

Wedding | Our First Year of Marriage

One week ago today it was exactly one year ago Rich and I got married (which I talked about LOADS in my wedding series) so I thought I'd give a little update on what it feels like to be married, and how our first year of being married was.

It's been quite a year, pretty much as soon as the wedding and mini-moon was over, it was straight into Christmas planning, and then on Boxing Day Rich was off to Cyprus for an unknown amount of time. January was house move time, then Rich luckily came home just in time for our epic honeymoon. Only once all of that was done with did it finally begin to sink in that we were married, and oh my gosh I love it.

Everyone always says that marriage changes things, and then everyone says that it doesn't and it's just a bit of paper. Well, to me marriage has changed things; it's made them better, when I didn't think that was possible. Before we got married Rich and I were incredibly happy together, and if we hadn't have gotten married then I don't think that would ever have changed. However, seeing him stood at the end of the aisle, and making the vows in front of everyone that we know and love cemented him into my life forever. Even though I never thought he would leave me anyway, being married makes that commitment more obvious, I still get a thrill when we're holding hands and I feel his wedding band one year on, and I don't think it'll ever change.

It's been a bit of a crackers year, with moving house twice, and my time off whilst waiting for the new job, but having Rich by my side throughout it all has made everything so much easier. I can't imagine ever being without him now, and I do know that his next time away with work will be more difficult but we'll do it, because that's what it takes.

I'm absolutely loving my new surname, and being a Mrs as well. If I have to give my maiden name for something it just feels weird, and not like me anymore. I was bullied about my maiden name at school, and it's almost like I've shed that part of my life now, I feel like a new person, and it's fantastic. Still not a fan of my new signature yet though, but I'll get used to it.

Thank you for listening to my prattling on, there's nothing too revolutionary in here because Rich and I already lived together when we got married, so there wasn't a big shock to the system of us moving in together, just the happiness of being firmly connected to each other for the rest of our lives.

Rachel x

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Making Facebook A Happier Place...

We're all well aware of the US election result last week, and this isn't a post talking directly about it, as there are enough of them in the blogosphere already without me adding my two-cents. However, this is a post all about how to make your Facebook a happier place around politically charged times.

I have been a Facebook user for nearly 10 years now, and during that time I've seen it shift from being a haven for students posting drunk pictures, to a place where families keep in touch and people share images and videos all the time. Unfortunately the shift has meant that it isn't always such a fun place to be, and you can learn about the political leanings of your family, which you may not agree with.

The vast majority of my family are on Facebook now, and some of them like to share pictures from pages, and some of these are from pages which I am vehemently against, such as Britain First and other disgusting things. When I see people who I love and respect sharing things which I disagree with it is never pleasant. Some people would argue with those family members, but instead, I am a huge fan of the "hide all from" button. In case you didn't know what it looks like I'll put a picture of it below for you.

Now, I don't actually have anything against the page World Travel, but it was the first thing I could find on my feed that I don't actually subscribe to (which is a good thing!). The hide all button is my best friend, it means that when your adorable Great Grandma likes something hideously racist, you can just choose not to see that, and you can carry on having a relationship with her without arguments.

The unfollow button is something I rarely use, but have to sometimes when a family member posts status updates which upset me on a regular basis, it means that you are still friends with them, and they will never know that you choose not to see their updates.

This is a great technique for keeping the peace with family members, and filtering out all of the crap that you don't want to see on a daily basis. Now my Facebook is mostly just full of the people I care about, and some pages which make me giggle so I don't want to block.

I hope you've found this helpful, and let me know if you do the same thing with your Facebook too!

Rachel x

Friday, 11 November 2016

New Job Wishlist

I know, I know, I keep banging on about my new job, but I'm excited okay? It's been a fair while since I was in a professional environment now, and I kind of want to update a few things before I start work (but the lack of money means they'll probably end up being first pay packet treats, oh well) as I'm going to try and be the professional 27 year old that they think I am.

What's a new job without some new stationery, am I right?

Image courtesy of Girl Loves Glam
I had a Personal Planner gift voucher in my Hull Bloggers Meetup goody bag last year, and absolutely loved it, but it's sadly run out now, so I'm definitely wanting to invest in another. The only thing keeping me from doing it though is trying to come up with a good design for the cover. Their instagram has loads of gorgeous ones on it, so it's a project to get on with soon I think.

I could probably also do with getting a new work notebook, such as this one from Paperchase (£6.50) however I have discovered that I just can't buy notebooks online. There's something about being able to touch them and hold them to find out which is the right one for you, which you just can't replicate online. I take my stationery buying seriously, in case you didn't know.

I've had my current purse for ages now, and could really do with a new one. I'm loving ones with a zip which goes all around it, like this one from Accessorize (£17) but I definitely can't justify spending so much on a purse without checking it out first to make sure it has enough card slots etc. I really need to go do some serious shopping soon don't I?
This one is completely crazy, but I have wanted a Macbook for the longest time now. I don't need one as I already have both a laptop and a desktop, but it hasn't stopped the desire. In the new job I'll be travelling sometimes, and my current laptop is far too big to travel around with comfortably, whereas a 13 inch Macbook would be much more portable, and allow me to blog from many more locations. I could even take it to work with me to blog on my lunch, which would be really useful. The fact it looks so gorgeous in photos definitely doesn't hurt, but the newly steep prices do. I'll keep dreaming and one day I may be able to justify over a grand on a beautiful shiny Macbook of wonder.

Far more practically, this is something I may have already purchased; but to me it was an essential. My regular coat is a parka, perfect for bundling up in when you wear jeans, but not in a cute dress for the office, unlike this coat. This gorgeous coat is from New Look and was £54.99. A bit steep, but with Rich's discount it was a bit better. It's stunning though, so totally worth it!

I have the feeling that the dress code in my new office might be a bit smarter than my previous one, so I'd love this dress from Next as I'd still feel like myself, but smarter. I'm a complete sucker for layered shirt dresses, and this one is stunning. I tend to wear a lot of black to work, so would be great to have a different colour!

Rachel xx

Thursday, 3 November 2016

5 Things I've Learnt From Doing Temp Work

In case you missed my catch up post the big news is that I have an amazingly exciting new job at the UK Space Agency! However I'm still waiting for my security clearance, and as much as I was loving being a stay at home wife (so much amazing baking happened) I was getting annoyed with having no money, so decided to register with a recruitment agency to see if they could get me any temp work, to tide me over until my proper job could start.

After a week of hearing nothing from them I was offered a job in a warehouse as a re-worker (no, I'd never heard of one of those either) and this leads me to thing I've learnt number 1:

I really really hate working in a warehouse.

I'm sure there are people out there that love their warehouse jobs, but I am utterly and completely not one of them. For starters, my shift started at 6:30am. That isn't that crazy early when you consider that I was leaving the house at 6:30am in my last job, but when you factor in the wake up time of 5:20am, it becomes seriously unpleasant. I got to finish at 3:15pm, but I was utterly exhausted from being on my feet all day and shifting boxes around, so I basically came home and lay on the sofa for the rest of the night.

Warehouses are bloody freezing.

When I asked what to wear to the job I was told jeans and a jumper, so I thought I'd go for layers and wore a long sleeved t-shirt, short sleeved t-shirt and a hoody, thinking I'd get too warm and start taking things off quite quickly. Nope. It started out cold at 6:30am, but only got colder as the day went on and the huge doors were opened and the cold air came in. I ended up with fingerless gloves on and still not being able to feel my fingers when I went on a break. I was so cold that it got into my bones and I didn't feel warm all week. 

Re-working isn't for me.

So a re-workers job is basically taking things out of one box and putting them into another box. Yep. That's what I did, along with making up boxes and sticking stickers onto them for 4 days straight. No headphones allowed (but I totally flouted that rule for the one shift where I worked alone and it made it a little bit more bearable) so unless the people you're working with are chatty, you have zero mental stimulation. For some people this might be great, but I already tend to be an over-thinker, so having nothing to do but think for a week was not good.

I ended my weeks contract there and they offered for me to continue, but I knew that I just couldn't hack it, so begged asked for something else. Luckily they had a job clearing tables in a cafe, it was less hours and less money, but it absolutely had to be better than warehouse work. I started the next Monday and swiftly learnt thing number 4:

Plates and teapots are really heavy.

So pretty much my entire job is clearing tables in the cafe, and restocking the plates/glasses/cutlery when it's been washed up, and I have serious respect for waitresses. Plates are so heavy! I loaded up a tray on my first day with 4 plates and a few glasses and could barely lift it. I'm a lot more sensible now and only do a few things at a time, to stop me from doing a red-faced stagger back to the kitchen, as that just isn't professional. Now that I'm used to it though I'm using it as a bit of a workout, might as well get paid to lift weights all day!

People are really gross.

The final thing that I've learnt is that people can be really disgusting. When I've been clearing tables I've had to pick up all sorts of things, from snotty tissues, half-chewed up bits of food in a napkin and used plasters, with blood on them. Ew. Seriously, why can't they just put them on their plate at least so we can use the cutlery to put them in the bin, instead of loose all over the table. From now on whenever I eat in a cafe I will always leave all my rubbish so neat and tidy for the people who have to clear it away.

So, they are the 5 things I've learnt so far from doing temp work. I'm back at the cafe again this week, and it's actually a really lovely place, I've never worked anywhere that looks after their staff so well. We have an unlimited amount of squash we can drink whilst we work, and they provide food for all the staff in the lunch room, and it's good quality stuff, a soup, a salad and bread every day. Crazy. As it's quite a posh cafe I'm also enjoying listening out for posh kids names. My favourite so far is a child called Almond. Love it! 

Rachel x
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