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Honeymoon | Celebrity Equinox Food

So, on Wednesdays a few months ago I was chatting all about my wedding and honeymoon, so if you want to catch up, feel free. There was one more post though, and I have saved the best til last though, the cruise food!

Rich and I are huge foodies, and we love to go out to eat, so by going on a cruise we knew that the standard of eating was going to be very high!

As I mentioned in my ship tour post there are two main restaurants, a sit down table service one, and a buffet all you can eat one. We ate most of our breakfasts at the buffet restaurant, which had pretty much everything breakfast related you could think of, and probably every type of bacon you can get, as well as things like curry and burritos. I may have ended every breakfast with waffles, jam and cream, which is apparently a breakfast food? Not complaining at all though! We did have a couple in the posh sit down restaurant though, and a few before trips in our bedroom, which was very nice!

Lunches were a varied affair, often we were on excursions, which meant they provided us with some food whilst we were out, but on sea days we'd often go to the posher restaurant, as they did really good lunches. The gorgeous brownie in the picture above was a lunch time dessert, and I think it may have been my favourite dessert of the whole cruise. It was just peak brownie.

Every afternoon at 4pm we would have canapes delivered to our room, as part of the package we were on, and it was always great fun opening the lid to see what we'd got that day. It was a little odd that in a room for two people we got one of everything, but we tended to have a bite each of each thing so we could try everything. It was a great little start to our evenings, as we'd usually be in our bathrobes slowly getting ready at this point.

We ate every evening meal in the main restaurant, aside from our visits to the speciality restaurants and the one time we got stuck in a river in Colombia so missed our slot and went to the buffet. The service was top notch at all the restaurants, and the wine waiters (sommeliers) were amazing. We would tell them what types of wine we usually like and they'd just appear next to us with bottles to try from, and then they'd just keep topping up your glass throughout your meal. We may have gotten very tipsy most nights whilst eating our meals, as neither of us have the highest tolerance for wine.

There was always a bread basket on the table, which as we were usually a bit tipsy, we would hit, hard. As we were on our own little table of two I didn't feel embarrassed by it, so if we go on a cruise again I'll definitely make sure to try and get our own table!

We'd be presented with a menu, which changed daily, and I found it so hard to make decisions. However, we soon learnt that if we couldn't decide, we were allowed to have two of a course, at no extra charge, or trouble to anyone. Yep, I basically had two desserts every night once I discovered that. Amazing!

As I knew that if I didn't like something I could always have something else, I took the opportunity to try a lot of foods I'd never had before, like frogs legs (basically just scrawny chicken wings), snails (one of the best foods in existence) and baked Alaska. It was great getting to try things I'd always wanted to, without having to run the gauntlet of potentially getting menu regret.

The speciality restaurants on our ship were all excellent, there was a very very posh bistro type one, a gourmet pub grub type one, and Silk Harvest, which was Asian fusion (pictured above) and that one was our favourite, so we headed back there on the last night, and I ate so much food I could barely walk back to our room afterwards.

All of the food was incredible, and it is no wonder at all that I put on 10lb in two weeks. Next time we go on a cruise, I am definitely dieting down before we go, so I don't end up in the same situation where half my clothes don't fit me part way through the trip!

This is the last post of the wedding and honeymoon series now, and I hope you've enjoyed reading about it all. I also did a vlog of the honeymoon which you can watch below:

It's nearly our year wedding anniversary now, and it has flown so quickly!

Rachel x

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