Monday, 31 October 2016

A Day Out at the Cotswold Wildlife Park

My lovely friend Emma came to visit the other weekend, and as it was a gloriously sunny October Saturday, we decided to head to Cotswold Wildlife Park and spend the day looking at the animals. This is going to be quite a picture heavy blog post, so if pictures of cute animals isn't your thing, I don't blame you if you skip to the end of this one.

Obviously the first place we headed to was the penguins, because they're super cute. One of the major positives of this wildlife park is how close you get to all of the animals, you could reach out to touch most of them, even though there were signs saying not to usually as you may get pecked/bitten.

The penguins were having a great time playing in the water and staring at us staring at them, and I managed to get a lot of photos.

Next up were the meerkats, who I've seen before at Tropical World and they were still just as cute this time. I loved seeing these two sat by the wall, looking as if they were having a chat. Just like the adverts.

The next section had prairie dogs, and I had no idea they were so cute! They'd just had their lunch put out so we got to see them all sat together having a good munch, and I don't know what I managed to catch with the bottom photo, but it looks like he's doing a big sneeze!

There was a huge selection of various birds for us to look at, way more than I've got pictures of here, in a way it reminded me slightly of visiting Thorpe Perrow as the selection was so wide! I loved the owls the most though, and I enjoyed the kookaburra songs again.

We headed into a huge greenhouse type building where there were loads of amazing flowers and plants, fruit bats, birds and this sloth which we managed to get a glimpse of swinging around on the roof. He vanished pretty quickly (for a sloth) though, and we couldn't spot him afterwards. Sorry to my friend Jen for the picture of the sloth - she really hates them!

As we exited a building and were heading to another area I was surprised by these huge fish in a pond. Not your usual exhibit in a zoo, but these fish were beautiful.

The reptile, bat and insect houses are fantastic, full of different things. The most disgusting ones to Emma and I were the cockroaches. They are so grim! I'll be forever thankful that we don't have them in this country.

The Madagascar section where you walk with the lemurs was amazing, especially as they would all run together to sit in the sun like in the pictures above. They almost look a bit like they're meditating, which is adorable! Even though they were running all around us they still kept their distance, which was a relief - I don't know if I'd like a lemur to jump on me!

The other monkeys were really cute as well, I loved these ones with the ginger tummies, especially this cheeky chap who had his tongue out. I don't know if you follow me on instagram (@inelegantwench) but if you saw my story from that day you'd have heard the Siamangs, who were so loud! We heard a shouting laughing noise from a fair distance away and followed it to see them having a right laugh together and making SO much noise. Definitely awe inspiring.

The farm section was adorable, they had house mice and rats in kitchen set ups (behind glass) and it was so cute. The pigs, ponies, guinea pigs and rabbits were all super cute too, and it was a lovely little section of the park, and great as kids could pet the animals.

There was a walk with the goats section in the farm, where the goats were super tame, and would walk up to you asking to be petted. There was two of them who were having great fun locking horns, and it was great to watch, until they made their way up towards me, and I ended up in the middle of them both. I got out of there so quickly!

There were other little exhibits dotted about and I was fascinated to see an armadillo. I had no idea that they were so hairy! Also, have you heard about the man in Texas who shot an armadillo, but the bullet bounced off its shell and he ended up shooting himself? Mental.

The zebras were so majestic, I don't think I've ever seen them in real life before, and their coat (is it coat? Skin? That just sounds weird...) was so shiny and lush looking. Zebras really are just better horses.

The rhinos were awesome, just chilling, looking as grumpy as ever. I loved how all the animals had plenty of space to roam, so it was almost like a drive through experience, but safer, as there was a fence in the way.

I don't believe I'd ever seen giraffes in real life before as well, and they are incredible creatures. At one point they walked past the walkway and I could have reached out and petted them. Insane. They're so incredible. After a short time a group of people arrived to have a feed the giraffe experience, and they immediately headed inside to get all the food!

I absolutely loved our day out at the wildlife park, I'll definitely visit again, and will probably end up getting annual passes as it's such a good place to head with visitors and friends, as you can have a good chat whilst wandering around the park. Have you ever been here before?

Rachel x

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