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Wedding Wednesday | The Little Details

Okay, so far I've talked about the venuethe outfitsthe hair and beauty and the whole day. This time I'm talking about the little details of the day, or basically all the things that I thought were cool which I couldn't do a whole post on.

The Rings

First up, one of the most vital parts of the wedding, and the longest lasting part of the day. The rings. My engagement ring is quite large and blingy, so I knew straight from the beginning that I wanted a very simple wedding ring. Also, as I work in the NHS with patients (sometimes) I'm allowed to wear a wedding ring if it's plan, with no grooves or gems, so it made it quite an easy decision for me. It's very thin and simple, with a notch in it to fit my engagement ring into.

Rich's ring was another story, who knew how many choices men have for a wedding ring. Even choosing the material is difficult! Eventually we settled on this one which is a simple palladium one, with a brushed design. They're both from Hugh Rice who were fantastic and gave us brilliant service from beginning to end, and resized and cleaned my engagement ring and the other ring I always wear at the same time, which was a nice touch. 

The Flowers

My wedding flowers were something which I knew that I wanted, but didn't really know what I wanted. I went to The Topiary Tree Florist to talk to Rose about the vague ideas I had, and she grabbed the idea and ran with it. Everywhere else we'd been said to us "Winter wedding - white roses" which was completely cookie cutter which was what we were trying our hardest to get away from. Rose started grabbing various flowers out of her store to show us, and showing us pictures of things similar to exactly what I wanted. She's utterly brilliant, and the bouquets and buttonholes we got were fantastic, everything I could have ever wanted and more. The fact that she's such a lovely person is icing on the cake.

The Wedding Cake

If you know me, you know I bloody love cake. It's up there with one of my most favourite things in the world, and was my favourite part of wedding planning - cake tasting! Rich and I knew we wanted a very simple looking cake, white and navy, with the only pattern being a white texture. Ever been to a wedding where most of the cake is leftover at the end of the night? Well we didn't want that to happen, so we opted for three different flavours of cake, to hopefully tempt people into having a slice of each. The bottom tier was lemon, the middle was carrot cake and the top was red velvet cake. And all three were chuffing lovely, as Rich and I said at midnight on our wedding night eating it in bed. As it should be. The cake was made by Wendy at Tiers of Affection.

The Readings

The readings are the part of the ceremony where you can most personalise it, and after choosing our friends who we wanted to do us the honour of performing a reading, we then had to try and find two readings which we liked, and fit us and our ceremony. For the first reading we asked Rich's friend Jen to read The One by Cheryl J Barclay which was short (as she was nervous) and really touching. 

For the second reading we asked two of my best friends, Cat and Jen to do a reading together. Finding a reading which would work well with two people was really really difficult. I did lots of internet trawling before finally stumbling across someone who had transcribed the poetry slam piece Love You Like That by Shane Hawley which I knew instantly would work brilliantly for two people, and once modified slightly, was funny and very apt for Rich and I. If you want to watch Cat and Jen do the reading it's the YouTube video above and only 2 minutes long. It was utterly fantastic, I had no idea they were doing props, and it left a lasting impression on all the guests. Even the registrars said that it was the best reading they've ever seen at a wedding, and they'd seen a lot of weddings!

The Hashtag

Being a complete Instagram addict (@inelegantwench btw) I knew I wanted a hashtag for the day, so I'd be able to quickly and easily look at everyones photos in one place. I tried to design it myself but struggled, having very limited design skills, and a high level of perfectionism. Eventually I found this website which lets you enter your own details and choose from a few different designs. I then printed a couple out and put them in some photo frames I had knocking around. They looked great, and the guests most definitely got the message, and I had loads of instagrams to look at after the wedding.

The Speeches

It's traditional for just the groom to give a speech, and the bride to stay blushing and quiet, but that was never going to suit me. I have always enjoyed public speaking, and Rich really wasn't looking forward to doing the speech on his own, so we teamed up and thanked everyone together. To still give it that cute touch, we borrowed (stole) an idea from a couple of our friends who got married last year, and we both wrote a short paragraph to say to each other as a part of the speech. We made a few people cry, so mission accomplished!

Wedding Postbox and Mad-libs

Rowton Castle kindly supplied us with a wedding postbox for our guests to post their cards into, but I thought it could have another use. Instead of a guestbook, I had seen on pinterest wedding mad-libs, where you have sentences with gaps in them which your guests fill in, such as "I think Rich and Rachel's first pet will be a ____". The responses we got ranged from the sweet and touching to the downright cheeky. They were so funny to read through the next day, especially as some people wrote more and more in correlation with the amount they had to drink, increasing their funniness. I'm going to get them bound together and can keep them to flick through in years to come.

Wedding Photo Display

Sadly, Rich's Gran and Grandad aren't with us any longer, and we wanted a way to remember them on the day which wouldn't be too intrusive, or to bring the mood of the day down at any point, so having looked on pinterest I'd seen other people have displays of photos of the sadly departed guests. This was perfect, but I thought it would be fun to have a photo of every guest at the wedding's wedding day, and include one of his Gran and Grandad in memory of them. We had wedding photos ranging from the early 1900s through to just a couple of months before our wedding and it was so interesting looking at what people were wearing. My Great Uncle was wearing flares and platform shoes in his photo! 

The Tragedy Performance

So, Nat and I were huge fans of Steps back in the day, and at primary school we learnt the dance routine for Tragedy, which we then performed at every family function for the next few years. It's also resurfaced at a few weddings, and in a few night clubs since then, as it seems to be something once learnt never forgotten. Shortly after Rich and I got together he may have seen me perform the routine in a club, and then when it was on at a wedding he went to a month later he texted me saying that it was on and it reminded him of me, and he hated it because it's a rubbish song.

The germ of an idea planted itself into my brain, and at my hen do, in a hot tub with all my hens I proposed that we all do the routine flash mob style at the wedding reception. They all emphatically said yes, and it was decided. Nat and I got my Dad to record us doing the routine which we then sent to the hens to practice, and we then performed it in front of everyone at the reception. Everyone loved it, the family for the memories of Nat and I performing it as kids, and our friends for the hilarity. It was so much fun and definitely made the wedding very us. 

I hope you've enjoyed the little insights into the more personal aspects of our wedding day, and I'll be back again next Wednesday showing you some of the funniest photos that the photographer managed to snap. 

Rachel x

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