Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Wedding Wednesday | Hair and Beauty

Well here we are again with another Wedding Wednesday post. Want to catch up so far? Okay we'll be here waiting when you get back!

Today is all about the hair and beauty of the day, which was actually my biggest stress of planning the wedding. I was super anxious about finding a good hair and makeup person, probably rooted in the fact that my hair is super temperamental (curly some days, straight others, frizzy every day!) and I had a very specific idea of what I wanted.

Luckily I found Caro Millington who was utterly fantastic, and could leap inside my head to know exactly what I was after. My Mum and I headed to her (very Grand Designs-esque) house for the trial a while before the wedding, and from that moment on my mind was at rest. She's professional and friendly, and is a whiz with the hair and makeup.

I went for a loose looking, whirly swirly updo, with a couple of little plaits going over the top of the style. That's a really bad description, but I hope you get what I mean. It was totally solid, even though it looked loose and whimsical, which was perfect, as I did a lot of dancing. As a test after my trial I did some very vigorous head banging and not a thing budged. Probably due to the 59 hair grips hidden in my hair!

For my makeup I wanted a very natural look, as usually I only wear mascara and fill in my brows, no foundation or anything. Caro gave me exactly what I was after, which was natural, but a bit more "done" than my every day look. I felt utterly gorgeous when I was all done, and I wish I could justify having a professional hair and makeup artist follow me around for every day!

Caro herself is the perfect mix of being there and involved, but not too involved, so she didn't intrude on any special moments, but stayed with me until I left to talk to the registrars, to top up my makeup and hairspray as needed. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to any other brides getting married around the area of the north midlands, she's brilliant.

I let Nat have her hair however she wanted, and she also went for an updo, but chose a more side swept one, as you can see in the photo above. She also loved having her hair and makeup done, and we both looked super fancy.

We didn't want to go for hair down styles as we both knew that they'd have dropped out by the end of the night, and we wanted to look as good at the evening do as we did in the daytime.

For my nails I didn't want extensions, as I knew I would be useless at doing anything with them on, being a chronic nail biter, I am not used to having long nails! So I used every last ounce of my willpower not to bite them for a couple of weeks before the wedding and had them done at a little local salon near to my parents house.

I know it's traditional for a bride to have their nails French polished for their wedding, but it's just not me. I went for this navy glitter ombre in gel and I love them. The navy contrasted against my dress really well, and they helped me to feel a lot more like myself, as I'm used to short dark nails. Having them done in gel meant that they didn't chip at all, and lasted until well after the mini moon.

Having read many (all) of the bridal blog posts I could get my hands on, I knew that the bridal scent was one of the most important choices of my life. However, I'm not really a perfume connoisseur, so took my friend Jen with me to  Leeds to choose a perfume, as she's very much an expert. We must have sniffed every perfume in the city before I finally settled on Black Opium by YSL. It's a gorgeous scent, and every time I've worn it since the wedding day it has reminded me of the day, just as everyone told me it would. Something I definitely recommend.

I hope you've enjoyed this post about the hair and beauty of the wedding day. Next up will be the little finishing touches of the wedding, which really personalised the day to be just about Rich and I.

Rachel x

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