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Wedding Wednesday | The Funny Photos

Funny Wedding Photos

This is the last post in my Wedding Blog Posts series, sad times I know! I've shown you all the parts of the day, so I thought to round it off, I'd show you some of the funny photos the amazing photographer Phil managed to take of us.

Bride and Father laughing

I genuinely have no idea what we're looking or laughing at here, but this photo was taken whilst waiting for the music to start and for us to walk down the aisle. It was the one moment at which I got really tearful, and had to make the decision, either I was going to be a crying heap of lace, or smile and laugh - so laugh is what I did! Luckily my Dad joined in with me so I didn't feel quite so crazy.

Groom and Best Man Holding Hands

Best Man cuddling into Groom

I love the amount of photos of Rich and his best man, Dean, where they are either cuddling or holding hands. They're definitely not shy in showing their affection for each other, and it gave me quite the laugh when looking through the photos when we got them!

Groomsmen wedding cuddles

Groomsmen cuddling

It wasn't just Rich and Dean who were into cuddling though, the other two groomsmen, Andy and Jimmy got involved too. Rich and I didn't spend the night before the wedding together, so I think he was just missing all the cuddles he usually gets!

Bride funny face

The award for the most ridiculous face of the day though has to go to me. What was I doing?! And how can I crease my mouth up so well that it looks as though I have a Disney villain moustache?! I may have had a nice frock on, but I was definitely still my usual dorky self!

Bridesmaid Funny Face

I'm not the only one whose face can do impressive things though, this face from Nat is so funny, because it is one she uses often. Can't remember what was causing her to pull such a funny face though, probably Rich actually being nice to her in his speech (usually they're always teasing each other).

Bride Invisibility Cloak

Groom Game Over Tshirt

These two photos also make me laugh, as they're showing some of the funny "presents" my Dad gave to us as a part of his speech. He talked about my undying love for Harry Potter, so gave me an invisibility cloak (which I seem to have mislaid - any ideas Dad?) and gave Rich a gaming Game Over t-shirt, as Rich is really into his gaming, and many people were joking that he wouldn't be able to game any more since he got married. (Actually he built me my own computer so I can game/blog with him. We're awesome.)

Bride applying lipstick

I love this photo as it shows the actual reality of a wedding. This is after the ceremony when we'd first headed outside to start taking photos. Rich noticed my lipstick had rubbed off so I reapplied it using his phone as a mirror. The things husbands have to do!

Bride in a group hug

Now, it may have looked lovely and warm in all of the outdoor photos, but let me reassure you, it was chuffing freezing. After a while of doing photos I began to lose all feeling in my hands, and when I finally came inside my friends felt how cold I was and immediately huddled all around me, penguin style, to try and warm me up again. It worked though, and I was very grateful to them for it. I don't think I look cold in any of the photos though, which I'm proud of myself for!

Later on, when we were heading out to take the stunning night time snow shots, this photo was taken, and it makes me laugh so much as I look ready to go on a hunt with the giant umbrella and Rich looks very proud to finally be carrying my train properly. Any brides to be reading this post, you need to train your husband to be on how to carry a dress train in the correct way. I didn't think it would be difficult, but it seems to go in the same category as wrapping your hair in a towel - things which men just don't get.

Whilst scrolling through these photos, I saw the cool shadow ones, and then the hands came out, and then this happened. Poor poor photographer Phil. Boys will be boys!

Whilst we were outside, our (very tipsy) friends had managed to persuade photographer Phil to lend them his spare camera to take some photos with. The photos they took turned out so funny that he had to include them in our album. I love these boys, they're such a laugh, and never fail to make me giggle!

That's it. That's all the wedding blog posts done! Next week will be the beginning of the honeymoon blog posts - and hopefully the honeymoon vlog. I hope you've enjoyed reading about my wedding, and that it hasn't been too boring. Thank you for all of your kind comments as well - they always make me so happy.

Rachel x


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  1. OMG amazing! Especially the shadow picture - hilarious! We've got our engagement shoot tmrw, nervous!


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