Saturday, 28 May 2016

Longhorns, Newcastle

Longhorns BBQ Smokehouse, Newcastle Review

Last Saturday I did something a bit scary. I met someone off the internet. Now, the last time I did that I ended up marrying the guy, and I think this time went just as well (no marrying though as bigamy is illegal).

Chloe blogs over at New Girl in Toon and I went on about how much I love her blog in my post a few weeks ago about blogs to follow so I'm not going to go on about it again. Just, go follow okay?! Chloe and I actually have friends in common, and could have met 2 years ago at the mutual friends wedding, but unfortunately it wasn't to be so we eventually met up for the first time on Saturday. I'd never been to Geordie-Land (what I call Newcastle, as Stoke has a Newcastle too) and had always wanted to visit ever since I watched Byker Grove as a kid, so Rich and I made the journey up the motorway and went for brunch at Longhorns BBQ Smokehouse.

American Smokehouse BBQ Graphic Wall

Now I could pretend to know lots of things about the location of the place, but we drove to the car park Chloe directed us to, parked up and it was just around the corner. We said our hellos to Chloe and Simon and headed inside, where we were allowed to choose where to sit. Obviously we chose the table near the window (always thinking about that lighting!) and settled down, chatting away getting to know each other.

Longhorns BBQ Menu on a clipboard

Rich always calls it cheating, but I had started looking at the menu the day before in order to try and narrow down what I wanted for breakfast, but there were too many good looking options, so I wasn't anywhere near deciding when we got there. Torn between many things, we all spent a bit of time trying to settle on options, and Chloe and I were both scoping out what the boys wanted to eat, so we could choose different things, so we could try more of the menu!

Two coffees in black mugs

There was one thing I definitely knew I wanted though, a coffee. I'd been good and not had one all week, so I was excited to get a caffeine fix. The coffee was really smooth, and even though I'm no expert, I knew it was a good coffee. It did give me quite the buzz though, so sorry to Chloe and Simon for talking very quickly for the rest of the day!

Mexican Eggs Benedict

Eventually a decision was made on what to order and the food arrived in good timing. I opted - after flipping between this and the pancakes with syrup for far too long- for the Eggs El Mexicana which is basically a Mexican Eggs Benedict. Poached eggs on a muffin with a chorizo salsa and hollandaise sauce. This was super tasty, it had the right amount of spice, and was unusual, yet yummy. The eggs were poached to perfection without any hint of vinegar and had a beautiful runny yolk.

American breakfast on a tray

Rich and Simon went for the same thing, the 2 meat breakfast, with Texas toast, sausage patty, bacon, poached eggs and syrup. I only managed to swipe a bit of the Texas toast and syrup, but it did make me a bit jealous. Wish I could have ordered both things for myself!

Eggs Benedict with beans

Chloe opted for the Pit Bean Benedict, and for the review of her brunch, you'll have to check out her blog post!

Brunch on trays on a wooden table. Photographer in back

We had a lovely brunch together, and chatted for ages. The staff were great and didn't mind us staying well past our brunches were finished, and after a couple of hours when our bums began to go numb we headed out for a stroll along the quayside before heading to a bar to carry on chatting.

Rich and I had a brilliant day out, and will definitely be back to visit Newcastle again soon, and Chloe and Simon were excellent tour guides! If they'd have us we will definitely be meeting up again, which will more than likely involve food, again as we all chuffing love our grub!

Rachel x

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  1. You're welcome any time! Wow I could eat that all again right now, so so good!


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