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Wedding Wednesday | The Outfits

Hello there! Are you all caught up on my wedding posts so far? If not, go back to the beginning and read the others so you're all caught up. Unless you're only interested in the dress and the suits in which case carry on!

Let us start with the most important article of clothing a girl is ever going to own.

The wedding dress.

My wonderful, gorgeous, stunning, beautiful dress is from the Hermione Bridal collection (I know, right, Hermione, how utterly perfect for me is that?!) which I bought from Aisle of Brides in Stoke-on-Trent.

It wasn't the first dress which I tried on, but it was from the first shop that I visited. I hadn't tried on any dresses before, so when we were shown upstairs to the bridal area and let loose to put tags on all the dresses we were interested in I let my Mum and Nat take over and go around choosing a selection of dresses for me. I was utterly overwhelmed, so let my two fashion experts loose, with the knowledge that they knew I wanted a lacy gown which was fitted to the waist before flaring out to the floor, and with some form of straps because no matter what, I wanted to wear a bra on my wedding day. I am not the most blessed of ladies in the boob department, so I knew I'd want a bra to give me that bit of boost and padding I rely on!

They didn't just get me the style I wanted to try on though, they picked all sorts, from slinky sheath numbers to fishtail and about every type of dress you could think of. Our amazing assistant for the day Diane grabbed the dresses and took me into the huge cubicle to get changed into them all, seating my Mum and Nat just outside ready for the big reveals.

Trying dresses on was one of my favourite parts of wedding planning (the other being cake tasting!) and I had great fun trying them on and rejecting them for one reason or another. Eventually I tried on a dress which was just perfect, it had a lacy top, fitted to the waist where there was a sash before flaring out to the floor with a train which was just big enough but not too big to be unmanageable. Nat and Mum immediately liked it, and after going through the rest of the pile I tried it back on again as it was by far my favourite of the shop. Diane got me a veil to put on with it to see how it would look and we all teared up, which if you know my family, you will know is a very rare thing indeed.

Diane wrote the name of the dress down for me and we went on our merry way to try on even more dresses in other shops.

In every other shop I visited I never found anything as nice as "the Hermione" apart from one in a shop in Leeds, which nearly had me but I ultimately decided that it was to be the one from Aisle of Brides.

I made another appointment to go back and hopefully buy the dress I couldn't stop thinking about, and took my Mum and Nanna with me this time. When we arrived Diane got the dress out and I stepped into it very excited, and decided that this was the dress. It looked a little different to the one I remembered, but I had tried on so many dresses I just thought I was confused, but I loved it nevertheless. I had my measurements done, chose my veil and even wound up having a tiara, to complete the princess feel. All happy and satisfied we started to get our things together to head downstairs to pay.

However as my Mum was leaving, she spotted a dress which looked an awful lot like the original one I had tried on the visit before, and it turned out that it was the original dress. When Diane wrote down the dress code, she had accidentally switched the two numbers, making PG56 into PG65, but as the dresses are similar we didn't realise, thinking we were just a bit wedding dress blind. After letting Diane know though I did a hasty change into the original dress and began to have a huge quandry over which dress I liked more. Luckily the second dress turned out to be the one I preferred, so it is very fortunate that Diane mixed the numbers up, or I never would have ended up with the stunning dress I'm wearing in all the pictures, as it wasn't available to try on at my first appointment.

The veil.

For the veil I opted to have a two tier veil so I could have it covering my face as I walked down the aisle as I find that so old fashioned and romantic. I went for a simple one with an ivory satin edging, as the dress was already so intricate with lace, I needed something simple to compliment it, not distract the eye. It was still the most chuffing expensive bit of netting I'll ever buy though.

The shoes.

As I've already mentioned, I was adamant that I was going to wear Converse to get married in. I basically live in either Converse or Dr Martens, so I really wanted to show that aspect of my personality on my big day. When I was trying dresses on I took my regular high tops to see how they felt and looked with dresses and I felt really stompy when I walked around in them. Now, I do normally stomp around, but I wanted to glide on my wedding day, so I chose the dainty sole converse, which basically felt like ballet slippers. We umm'd and aah'd about customising them, but chose not to, mostly because I'm really bad at being artistic, but also so that I'll be happy wearing them for as long as they last. As I wore them throughout our honeymoon I'm glad I left them as they are.

Oh, and by the end of the night my feet were still just as comfy as they were in the morning, unlike nearly everyone else who was wandering around in either replacement flats or bare feet!

Bridesmaid's dress.

When it came to the bridesmaid dress I decided to keep it simple. As Nat was my only bridesmaid, I told her that she could wear any dress she liked as long as it was navy and under a certain budget. By leaving the rest of the choice up to her, she could pick something she felt totally comfortable in, so could really enjoy the day, and she also could choose something she'd wear again.

The gorgeous dress is actually the first one we saw and tried on, and it's from Monsoon. It was the only bridesmaid type dress they had in the store we were in, and it was utterly perfect. The lace top section matched my dress wonderfully, and the back had a cut-out in the same shape, so it's like they were made for each other. As the neckline is lined with pearls, it tied into my earrings and bracelet which I wore (the earrings were my something old and borrowed, from my Nanna) and to top it all off the dress came in well under budget. Winner all round.

Groomsmen's suits.

All the suits were hired from Greenwoods and were slate grey tails, with a navy cravat and silver swirly waistcoat. Picking out the suits was so easy at Greenwoods, even if Rich did begin to feel a bit like a mannequin. I let him have as much say as he wanted in what he was going to wear, but he got a bit overwhelmed and didn't have an opinion on many things, so it's a good job I was there to help him out.

Greenwoods did cause me a bit of a stress though, as we found out a week before the wedding that we had to go into the store we ordered the suits from to pay our balance, they couldn't take it any other way or in any other store, which totally scuppered our plans and resulted in a mad dash to Harrogate on the Saturday to pay for the suits. Communication was not good, but the suits looked great on the guys, and apart from a button pinging off Rich's Dad's waistcoat at dinner (!) were great quality and reasonably comfortable for them all.

Rich took the very rare opportunity to wear his RAF graduation pocket watch, and as my Dad was wearing his Grandad's pocket watch it was a cute little thing they both had going on together.

All the groomsmen wore their own cufflinks, and it was a great way for them to show a bit of their own personality in their suits.

I hope you've enjoyed this (very long) post about what we all wore, if you've got any questions at all leave them in the comments, or tweet me @inelegantwench and I promise I'll answer as soon as I can.

Next Wednesday will be all about hair, makeup and nails, so come back then for the next part of my Wedding Wednesday series.

Rachel x

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