Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Hen Do at Centre Parcs

Heh - this post is only slightly overdue, with the fact that it is now April, and my hen do happened in October. But I'm back from honeymoon, recovered from the horrendous cold/sinus infection I picked up on the plane, and now have Wednesday's off, so I'm back blogging again. Starting from the oldest of the billions of posts I've got stored up in my head that I'm desperate to write.

So, a week before my hen do, I got a wisdom tooth removed and the dentist promised that I would be all healed and up for fun by my hen do. She lied. I got dry socket (where the hole left by the tooth doesn't heal so you have an open passage straight through to the nerve) which is seriously painful, but eases a lot when it gets packed out with medicated gauze.

The day of the hen do, my socket was freshly packed (ooh I say some sexy things don't I?) and I was packed up in my car and I still had absolutely no idea where I was going. Nat (my little sister and chief bridesmaid of dreams) was bursting to tell me so as soon as we were on the motorway she burst out that we were going to Center Parcs for a weekend of fun and activities, with a big party on the Saturday night.

Excited doesn't even begin to cover it. I love Center Parcs, and hadn't been in years, so getting to spend the weekend there with all my girls was a dream come true.

We arrived, settled in, and headed straight to the water park of course! After a brief dip and go on the rides we headed back to get into pyjamas and eat pizza whilst watching a movie.

The next morning Nat cooked us all an amazing breakfast of my favourite, smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, with mushrooms and bacon on the side. We dug in before heading over to the spa for a morning of chilling out in all of the different rooms they have there. It is the best spa that I've ever been to, and as there was 11 of us, we managed to take over almost the whole place. Oops.

Next up was pancake time, the pancake houses at Centre Parcs are legendary, for good reason! I opted for a huge stack of pancakes, then the lovely server, once she found out about it being my hen do, brought me a cocktail and a plate of treats free of charge, bless her!

After we were all suitably stuffed, Nat went back to the lodge to begin preparing for the evenings party, banishing us to look around the shops until she was ready. I was very tipsy and excited at this point, as nobody knew what was in store for us.

Along with cooking us the biggest chilli I have ever seen in my life, Nat had also arranged 8 different games for us to play, My parents had helped her to "hen-do-ify" lots of the games we used to play at family parties, and they were all so much fun.

There were classics, such as making a wedding dress out of toilet paper (which we had so much leftover from everyone got to take a souvenir roll home with them afterwards!) and popping balloons in naughty ways, but we also had games like cutting away flour trying not to make the chocolate willy fall off the top, and tearing a sheet of A3 paper in the dark to a willy outline.

The prizes for winning the games were chocolate willies, which my Mum had great fun making the week before hand, and my Dad kept getting confused about as they cooled on the kitchen table in full view.

Tipsy, tired and happy we went to bed, all wearing our hen do bracelets, made by the lovely Roxanne from Charms and Chains (sorry for the slightly blurry photo - it was harder to take than we thought it would be!)

The next morning after a slow start we said goodbye to the girls from down south, as they had a hefty drive ahead of them, and the rest of us went geocaching. Nat thought it would be a fun activity as when Rich proposed we were actually out geocaching, and the proposal was supposed to be inside a cache, but it started to rain so we sheltered under a tree where he popped the question instead.

The geocaching was great fun, we had to separate into two groups as there was so many of us and we got really competitive really quickly. My group won though - woohoo!

After a lovely lunch we headed to the pottery painting studio - we needed something more sedate after running all over the place doing geocaching. I'd never done it before, but we chose the pieces we wanted to paint and got stuck in. It was a great way to spend the afternoon, and I love my bowl I painted, it's a lasting memory of my amazing hen weekend.

Everybody else had to leave at that point as it was a Sunday night, so it was just Nat and I left, in our huge lodge, eating and drinking all the leftovers. As it was the weekend before bonfire night though, they had a fireworks display which we went to watch before heading back and into bed very very early as we were so tired.

On Monday morning we woke up, packed up (which took some serious tetris skills to fit everything into my car, we only just managed it) and then headed bowling to use our free games which we won geocaching. It was a chilled out way to end the weekend, which was honestly one of the best of my life. I don't enjoy big nights out, so it was the perfect way to celebrate with all my friends.

My friend Cat vlogged the trip, and you can click on her video of it above if you want to see a bit more of the weekend. It was so amazing!

Next up, the wedding!

Rachel x

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  1. So happy you are back blogging, I'm dying to read about your wedding!

    Your hen looks amazing, I love Centre Parcs! The games look great and you had a few I've never played (yes I'm making notes!)

    My hen is in August and it's going to be a complete surprise (really hoping no one accidentally tells me where we're going!). I'm going to be sent train tickets that I'm not allowed to open until the morning of! All I know is it's a direct train from Newcastle and will take a few hours. So happy I'm getting a surprise although I'm sure the control freak in me will panic nearer the time!


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