Saturday, 9 April 2016

A Little Life Update

A Little Life Update

I hope you saw my hen do post on Wednesday, it had been sitting half finished in my drafts for months so it was great to finally get it finished and posted for you all to read, especially as it means I can get on with writing my wedding blog posts. I don't want the blog to get too stuck in the past though, so I'm going to be putting up my Wedding posts on Wednesdays (because alliteration makes me happy) and then something else on a Saturday. Like this.

Right, now we've got the admin part of the post done I can crack on with telling you about what's been going on in my life.

Firstly, the reason why I'm blogging again! Just before Christmas last year I went to my boss and asked to go part time, as I knew the longer commute would take it out of me (evidence) and by moving onto base our living costs have reduced so we would be able to afford it. My boss was amazingly supportive, although surprised, and set the wheels into motion immediately. However due to a load of other things going on in my department, it has taken until Monday to get it all sorted out. So now I have every Wednesday off - yes!

The main aim of the Wednesdays is to give me a chance to have a bit of a lie in, not to have to drive, and to do all the home jobs I wasn't getting time to do in the week, such as blogging. I'll be aiming to spend a fair chunk of my days at my laptop writing away, so maybe I'll actually be able to stick to a schedule this time.

View from plane window

The last post I wrote before the hen do post was my stressed out update, written just before I headed off on honeymoon. It was incredible. If you follow me on instagram (@inelegantwench) you'll have seen my updates I posted whilst out there, but I vlogged, and took photos so I'll be doing a blog post on it once I've written all the wedding ones. Cruises are definitely my favourite way to travel, although next time I need to plan my outfits more carefully as I put on so much weight so quickly that half the clothes I bought were too small within a few days!

I managed to catch a spectacular cold on the plane coming home, so was off work poorly for a while after I got back, pretty much doing nothing but watching Gilmore Girls. Then it's been a case of struggling through the very long weeks relying on coffee and sugar until we got to Easter.

If you can remember last Easter you'll know my sister came to visit and we had an epic weekend of fun and food. Well, this year my Dad came as well as my sister, and we ate ourselves stupid again. The photo above is of the epic Lamb roast Rich and I cooked, it was so good! We played a lot of games, and had a lot of giggles, I love Easter weekend as it's like a second Christmas.

That brings you pretty much up to date - as always you can follow me on Instagram and Twitter if you want more food pictures and little life updates, but I'll be back on Wednesday with the first of the wedding posts. Ooh exciting!

Rachel x


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