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8 Blogs to Follow

Way back in 2013 when I first started my blog I did a post about the bloggers who inspire me, but obviously a fair bit has changed since then, so I thought I'd do a new post about some of my favourite bloggers of the minute. It's usually through posts like these that other people do that I find new blogs to read, so I hope you find something new to add to your blog roll.

In no particular order, here goes!

Amy Elizabeth

Amy is a Leeds blogger who writes about pretty much anything and everything, but includes healthy amounts of book reviews, places to eat out in Leeds, recipes and general musings, which are always really interesting to read. Make sure to click on her blog to find out some new podcasts to listen to and awesome brownies to make. She's cool, but not so cool that you feel like a toddler after reading, if you know what I mean? Just go have a look okay?

No Superhero

Heather is a Hull blogger who I met at the #HBAlPorto meetup and spent a merry long time chatting to. She's really lovely and interesting, so when I got home I took a look at her blog and I've loved it ever since. Heather is a student with disabilities who isn't afraid to write about them and be honest on her blog, which is really refreshing and eye opening to read. It's not all about that though, she also posts yummy real looking recipes such as her stuffed jalapeños and isn't afraid to put a post up without a picture in order to update us what's making her happy. I love reading No Superhero because it feels like one of the last truly real blogs on the internet. And she's bloody lovely.

The Life & Loves of Ninegrandstudent

Chloe is an unfailingly brilliant blogger who seems to have a never ending amount of inspiration for engaging posts. She chiefly writes about food and being a student, but gets in some beauty, some fashion and some general lifestyle bits too. I love her recipe posts, they always make me drool all over my phone. I tried to pick a recipe to link to as an example, but they're all just too good (and I'm also starving now writing this at 10pm!) so just go look at all of them, okay? There's a reason I featured her in my blogger recipes to try post. I also adored the post Chloe wrote about the day she got engaged. So heart-warming, honest and funny, particularly the part about painting her nails clear just in case he proposed!

New Girl in Toon

Another Chloe, who also happens to be lovely and utterly brilliant at coming up with loads of inspiration for interesting posts. She mostly writes about things to see and do in Newcastle, and has made me want to visit Newcastle really badly! Be sure to check her Ultimate Newcastle Guides out, and Chloe also is a very inspirational lady, having lost 9 stone and her post about it is fantastic. She's such a friendly lass, and her and her fiancé happen to be friends with our neighbours and good friends. What a small world!

Jenni is the author of the first blog I ever read, back when it was StarGirl and she did tutorials on how to change your Girland comment backgrounds (did anyone else used to love Girland? Nat and I spent hours on there in the 00s). I loved her little blog section of the site, and she inspired my first blog, the Purple Postbox, back in 2004/5. As I've been reading for so long she feels a bit like a big sister, as she was always that step ahead of me in life. Nowadays she posts about a range of things, from little life updates to blogging help. Recently she posted an amazing article about cheating your way to better blog images which has been bookmarked, and helped me to make the main image for this post. She's also refreshingly honest about what it's like to have anxiety and I feel like I always learn something when I visit her blog. 

Adventures in Tea and Cake

Kel is an absolute doll who I always run into at events, and always makes me feel welcome and included, and she has brilliant taste in dresses. Her blog is similar to mine in that it's generally about her life and what she's been up to, but she posts a Degustabox Review every month which always makes me drool, and want to subscribe to them myself! She's currently posting about her trip to Las Vegas which is making me want to go to Vegas. In fact, be careful about visiting her blog, she'll make you want to spend all of your money, like she does to me!

Hook Line and Sink Her

Katie is absolutely barmy in the best possible way, and I love her blog for the amount of whimsy and fun she brings to every day life. Trust me, try to go and read her blog without getting a huge smile across your face. Impossible isn't it! I've tried to come up with some particularly excellent posts of hers to link here, but they're all so chuffing good that I'm just going to link her blog again click me. She's not always the most regular poster, but the posts are so good that they're well worth the wait.

Sprinkle of Glitter

I'm pretty sure everyone already knows who Louise is, but if you don't (do you live under a rock?) she's a fabulous YouTuber who is Mummy to an adorable little girl called Darcy and has a wonderful outlook on life. She started out as a blogger, but is now chiefly a YouTuber, but has recently dipped her (probably painted pink and sparkly) toe back into the blogging world and I really appreciate it. The Motivational Monday posts always start my week off with a smile, and some good inspiration to start the week with, and her recent post about 31 for 31 made me chuckle, Some of the resolutions were very common and logical, such as blogging twice a week, but others, like "clean out my car" are so relateable they made me laugh. Spending such a ridiculous amount of time in my car means that it does end up a bit of a rubbish dump, so I think I need to put this on a resolutions list too.

So, here are 8 of my bloggers of the minute to go check out. Please let me know if there are any other bloggers I should be following, and if you already follow any of these lovley ladies. Hope you're having a good weekend!

Rachel x

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