Saturday, 30 April 2016

8 Blogs to Follow

Way back in 2013 when I first started my blog I did a post about the bloggers who inspire me, but obviously a fair bit has changed since then, so I thought I'd do a new post about some of my favourite bloggers of the minute. It's usually through posts like these that other people do that I find new blogs to read, so I hope you find something new to add to your blog roll.

In no particular order, here goes!

Amy Elizabeth

Amy is a Leeds blogger who writes about pretty much anything and everything, but includes healthy amounts of book reviews, places to eat out in Leeds, recipes and general musings, which are always really interesting to read. Make sure to click on her blog to find out some new podcasts to listen to and awesome brownies to make. She's cool, but not so cool that you feel like a toddler after reading, if you know what I mean? Just go have a look okay?

No Superhero

Heather is a Hull blogger who I met at the #HBAlPorto meetup and spent a merry long time chatting to. She's really lovely and interesting, so when I got home I took a look at her blog and I've loved it ever since. Heather is a student with disabilities who isn't afraid to write about them and be honest on her blog, which is really refreshing and eye opening to read. It's not all about that though, she also posts yummy real looking recipes such as her stuffed jalapeños and isn't afraid to put a post up without a picture in order to update us what's making her happy. I love reading No Superhero because it feels like one of the last truly real blogs on the internet. And she's bloody lovely.

The Life & Loves of Ninegrandstudent

Chloe is an unfailingly brilliant blogger who seems to have a never ending amount of inspiration for engaging posts. She chiefly writes about food and being a student, but gets in some beauty, some fashion and some general lifestyle bits too. I love her recipe posts, they always make me drool all over my phone. I tried to pick a recipe to link to as an example, but they're all just too good (and I'm also starving now writing this at 10pm!) so just go look at all of them, okay? There's a reason I featured her in my blogger recipes to try post. I also adored the post Chloe wrote about the day she got engaged. So heart-warming, honest and funny, particularly the part about painting her nails clear just in case he proposed!

New Girl in Toon

Another Chloe, who also happens to be lovely and utterly brilliant at coming up with loads of inspiration for interesting posts. She mostly writes about things to see and do in Newcastle, and has made me want to visit Newcastle really badly! Be sure to check her Ultimate Newcastle Guides out, and Chloe also is a very inspirational lady, having lost 9 stone and her post about it is fantastic. She's such a friendly lass, and her and her fiancé happen to be friends with our neighbours and good friends. What a small world!

Jenni is the author of the first blog I ever read, back when it was StarGirl and she did tutorials on how to change your Girland comment backgrounds (did anyone else used to love Girland? Nat and I spent hours on there in the 00s). I loved her little blog section of the site, and she inspired my first blog, the Purple Postbox, back in 2004/5. As I've been reading for so long she feels a bit like a big sister, as she was always that step ahead of me in life. Nowadays she posts about a range of things, from little life updates to blogging help. Recently she posted an amazing article about cheating your way to better blog images which has been bookmarked, and helped me to make the main image for this post. She's also refreshingly honest about what it's like to have anxiety and I feel like I always learn something when I visit her blog. 

Adventures in Tea and Cake

Kel is an absolute doll who I always run into at events, and always makes me feel welcome and included, and she has brilliant taste in dresses. Her blog is similar to mine in that it's generally about her life and what she's been up to, but she posts a Degustabox Review every month which always makes me drool, and want to subscribe to them myself! She's currently posting about her trip to Las Vegas which is making me want to go to Vegas. In fact, be careful about visiting her blog, she'll make you want to spend all of your money, like she does to me!

Hook Line and Sink Her

Katie is absolutely barmy in the best possible way, and I love her blog for the amount of whimsy and fun she brings to every day life. Trust me, try to go and read her blog without getting a huge smile across your face. Impossible isn't it! I've tried to come up with some particularly excellent posts of hers to link here, but they're all so chuffing good that I'm just going to link her blog again click me. She's not always the most regular poster, but the posts are so good that they're well worth the wait.

Sprinkle of Glitter

I'm pretty sure everyone already knows who Louise is, but if you don't (do you live under a rock?) she's a fabulous YouTuber who is Mummy to an adorable little girl called Darcy and has a wonderful outlook on life. She started out as a blogger, but is now chiefly a YouTuber, but has recently dipped her (probably painted pink and sparkly) toe back into the blogging world and I really appreciate it. The Motivational Monday posts always start my week off with a smile, and some good inspiration to start the week with, and her recent post about 31 for 31 made me chuckle, Some of the resolutions were very common and logical, such as blogging twice a week, but others, like "clean out my car" are so relateable they made me laugh. Spending such a ridiculous amount of time in my car means that it does end up a bit of a rubbish dump, so I think I need to put this on a resolutions list too.

So, here are 8 of my bloggers of the minute to go check out. Please let me know if there are any other bloggers I should be following, and if you already follow any of these lovley ladies. Hope you're having a good weekend!

Rachel x

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Wedding Wednesday | The Outfits

Hello there! Are you all caught up on my wedding posts so far? If not, go back to the beginning and read the others so you're all caught up. Unless you're only interested in the dress and the suits in which case carry on!

Let us start with the most important article of clothing a girl is ever going to own.

The wedding dress.

My wonderful, gorgeous, stunning, beautiful dress is from the Hermione Bridal collection (I know, right, Hermione, how utterly perfect for me is that?!) which I bought from Aisle of Brides in Stoke-on-Trent.

It wasn't the first dress which I tried on, but it was from the first shop that I visited. I hadn't tried on any dresses before, so when we were shown upstairs to the bridal area and let loose to put tags on all the dresses we were interested in I let my Mum and Nat take over and go around choosing a selection of dresses for me. I was utterly overwhelmed, so let my two fashion experts loose, with the knowledge that they knew I wanted a lacy gown which was fitted to the waist before flaring out to the floor, and with some form of straps because no matter what, I wanted to wear a bra on my wedding day. I am not the most blessed of ladies in the boob department, so I knew I'd want a bra to give me that bit of boost and padding I rely on!

They didn't just get me the style I wanted to try on though, they picked all sorts, from slinky sheath numbers to fishtail and about every type of dress you could think of. Our amazing assistant for the day Diane grabbed the dresses and took me into the huge cubicle to get changed into them all, seating my Mum and Nat just outside ready for the big reveals.

Trying dresses on was one of my favourite parts of wedding planning (the other being cake tasting!) and I had great fun trying them on and rejecting them for one reason or another. Eventually I tried on a dress which was just perfect, it had a lacy top, fitted to the waist where there was a sash before flaring out to the floor with a train which was just big enough but not too big to be unmanageable. Nat and Mum immediately liked it, and after going through the rest of the pile I tried it back on again as it was by far my favourite of the shop. Diane got me a veil to put on with it to see how it would look and we all teared up, which if you know my family, you will know is a very rare thing indeed.

Diane wrote the name of the dress down for me and we went on our merry way to try on even more dresses in other shops.

In every other shop I visited I never found anything as nice as "the Hermione" apart from one in a shop in Leeds, which nearly had me but I ultimately decided that it was to be the one from Aisle of Brides.

I made another appointment to go back and hopefully buy the dress I couldn't stop thinking about, and took my Mum and Nanna with me this time. When we arrived Diane got the dress out and I stepped into it very excited, and decided that this was the dress. It looked a little different to the one I remembered, but I had tried on so many dresses I just thought I was confused, but I loved it nevertheless. I had my measurements done, chose my veil and even wound up having a tiara, to complete the princess feel. All happy and satisfied we started to get our things together to head downstairs to pay.

However as my Mum was leaving, she spotted a dress which looked an awful lot like the original one I had tried on the visit before, and it turned out that it was the original dress. When Diane wrote down the dress code, she had accidentally switched the two numbers, making PG56 into PG65, but as the dresses are similar we didn't realise, thinking we were just a bit wedding dress blind. After letting Diane know though I did a hasty change into the original dress and began to have a huge quandry over which dress I liked more. Luckily the second dress turned out to be the one I preferred, so it is very fortunate that Diane mixed the numbers up, or I never would have ended up with the stunning dress I'm wearing in all the pictures, as it wasn't available to try on at my first appointment.

The veil.

For the veil I opted to have a two tier veil so I could have it covering my face as I walked down the aisle as I find that so old fashioned and romantic. I went for a simple one with an ivory satin edging, as the dress was already so intricate with lace, I needed something simple to compliment it, not distract the eye. It was still the most chuffing expensive bit of netting I'll ever buy though.

The shoes.

As I've already mentioned, I was adamant that I was going to wear Converse to get married in. I basically live in either Converse or Dr Martens, so I really wanted to show that aspect of my personality on my big day. When I was trying dresses on I took my regular high tops to see how they felt and looked with dresses and I felt really stompy when I walked around in them. Now, I do normally stomp around, but I wanted to glide on my wedding day, so I chose the dainty sole converse, which basically felt like ballet slippers. We umm'd and aah'd about customising them, but chose not to, mostly because I'm really bad at being artistic, but also so that I'll be happy wearing them for as long as they last. As I wore them throughout our honeymoon I'm glad I left them as they are.

Oh, and by the end of the night my feet were still just as comfy as they were in the morning, unlike nearly everyone else who was wandering around in either replacement flats or bare feet!

Bridesmaid's dress.

When it came to the bridesmaid dress I decided to keep it simple. As Nat was my only bridesmaid, I told her that she could wear any dress she liked as long as it was navy and under a certain budget. By leaving the rest of the choice up to her, she could pick something she felt totally comfortable in, so could really enjoy the day, and she also could choose something she'd wear again.

The gorgeous dress is actually the first one we saw and tried on, and it's from Monsoon. It was the only bridesmaid type dress they had in the store we were in, and it was utterly perfect. The lace top section matched my dress wonderfully, and the back had a cut-out in the same shape, so it's like they were made for each other. As the neckline is lined with pearls, it tied into my earrings and bracelet which I wore (the earrings were my something old and borrowed, from my Nanna) and to top it all off the dress came in well under budget. Winner all round.

Groomsmen's suits.

All the suits were hired from Greenwoods and were slate grey tails, with a navy cravat and silver swirly waistcoat. Picking out the suits was so easy at Greenwoods, even if Rich did begin to feel a bit like a mannequin. I let him have as much say as he wanted in what he was going to wear, but he got a bit overwhelmed and didn't have an opinion on many things, so it's a good job I was there to help him out.

Greenwoods did cause me a bit of a stress though, as we found out a week before the wedding that we had to go into the store we ordered the suits from to pay our balance, they couldn't take it any other way or in any other store, which totally scuppered our plans and resulted in a mad dash to Harrogate on the Saturday to pay for the suits. Communication was not good, but the suits looked great on the guys, and apart from a button pinging off Rich's Dad's waistcoat at dinner (!) were great quality and reasonably comfortable for them all.

Rich took the very rare opportunity to wear his RAF graduation pocket watch, and as my Dad was wearing his Grandad's pocket watch it was a cute little thing they both had going on together.

All the groomsmen wore their own cufflinks, and it was a great way for them to show a bit of their own personality in their suits.

I hope you've enjoyed this (very long) post about what we all wore, if you've got any questions at all leave them in the comments, or tweet me @inelegantwench and I promise I'll answer as soon as I can.

Next Wednesday will be all about hair, makeup and nails, so come back then for the next part of my Wedding Wednesday series.

Rachel x

Saturday, 23 April 2016

BBC Good Food Show Spring

You may remember my post about BBC Good Food Cakes and Bakes Show from a while ago, where Nat and I went to London and stuffed ourselves silly with all sorts of sweet treats and had a brilliant time?

Well, I got wind of the fact that the BBC Good Food Show (the regular version this time) was coming to Harrogate, which isn't that far away from me, and I immediately asked Rich if he wanted to come and if I should buy tickets. Luckily for me, he was watching football at the time so he said yes without really thinking about it. So that's how two weeks ago today we found ourselves entering the oasis of awesome that was the Harrogate International Center with empty tummies and my big camera in hand to document all the yumminess.

I was worried that I wouldn't enjoy it as much as there wouldn't be as much cake and treat things around, but oh boy was I wrong. We did a lap of the place first which took a while as there was 4 rooms of things to explore, before finally settling in to decide what to buy.

Unfortunately it was really really busy as we arrived at 11am and didn't quieten down until much later on, so I didn't photograph our lunch, but we shared a gourmet sausage roll and a Lebanese wrap, both of which were really yummy.

I have to admit though, I did have my eye on all the sweet things in the bakes and cakes village, so after doing a lot of sampling we made our way to there so I could get my hands on something I'd been dreaming about since my last visit to the Cakes and Bakes show.

Yes, I got another corker. These are so unbelievably good, a moist, chewy lump of brownie encased in a cookie shell. I did have to share half with Rich, and he agreed with me that they are the best dessert hybrid in the world. Possibly even better than slutty brownies!

I didn't learn my lesson from the last time I visited though and I forgot to take a bottle of water with me. All the sampling is thirsty work, and you soon wind up dying of thirst. Samples of drinks were very welcome though, but luckily there were free water machines near the loos so that helped Rich and I re-hydrate ready for our next round of sampling.

When our legs began to hurt from all the wandering around, we took a pit stop at the Interview Stage and watched Jenny from Bettys be interviewed. Bettys is a Yorkshire institution so it was really interesting to hear about the history of Bettys and more about their cookery school.

At the same time as the interview Michel Roux Jr was doing a book signing just behind the seating area, so I snuck a quick photo of him signing away. I love being so tall!

Once the interview was over it was time to queue up for the Hairy Bikers in the Supertheatre. I didn't know the Hairy Bikers at all before I saw them live, and they were brilliant, really funny with relatable easy to follow recipes, they totally converted me to their ways!

We'd left buying the bulk of the things we wanted to take home until after the theatre show was over, so we wouldn't have to carry them around for as long. We bought so much, from new saucepans to some of these amazing chutneys from Le Mesurier. Having seen so many cheese stalls and sampled so much nice cheese, Rich and I decided to have a cheese and cracker supper with lots of chutney and wine. I chose the curried courgette and mustard relish, which is incredible, and Rich chose their piccalilli. Both went very well with the spicy cheese we bought and I'm actually kind of sad that we only got one jar each.

Brownies were a must to take home with us, and these from the Brownie Bar were awesome. They are the amazing creators of the corker I went on about earlier, and their lemon meringue blondie and peanut butter and nutella brownies are just as good.

One of my favourite finds of the day was Patrick the Macaron Man. He's based in Hull and makes some of the most delicious macarons I've ever tasted in my life. I've tasted many, and these beat the likes of Bettys hands down. My personal favourite was the black forest flavour, but the tonka bean came a close second. I only wish I'd bought more whilst there. We had a little chat with him as well and he proudly showed off his chefs whites signed by Michel Roux Jr. How awesome! I've given Rich some strong hints to get me some more of these for my birthday in a couple of months, but there's no guarantee I'll share!

Just before we headed home we headed to the Heck stand to fill up on their yummy sausages. They do some gorgeous chicken sausages flavoured with various things, and also some pretty great pork sausages. Their sausages are always very high quality, so we got 5 packs of them, which should keep us going for a while.

With very heavy bags we picked up our goody bags and made our way home to finish the day of eating by doing yet more eating.

It was a brilliant day out, and I'll definitely be going to another Good Food Show again. Have you ever been to one? Or are there any other similar ones in Yorkshire you could tell me about?

I'm so hungry now...

Rachel x

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Wedding Wednesday | The Venue: Rowton Castle

Did you see my overview of the wedding I posted last week? If you haven't go catch up now, we'll be right here when you get back!

So last week I chatted about the whole day, which all took place at the beautiful Rowton Castle in Shrewsbury. When Rich and I were beginning to look at wedding venues we found it really difficult. Rich is from the south coast of England, whereas I'm from the north Midlands, but we both live in Yorkshire. It made it really difficult to decide on a location, which is a pretty important first step in the wedding planning process!

I originally wanted to get married in my home town, but after looking high and low for venues, I was really struggling to find something I liked (Rich was away in Afghanistan at this point, hence why I began the search on my own - I didn't become a bridezilla til much later!), also it would have been quite a way for Rich's family and friends from home to travel, and there isn't really many nice hotel options at home.

I began to look further afield, sticking in the Midlands so it would be roughly in the middle for everyone to travel to, and I remembered a wedding I'd attended just as Rich and I got together back in 2012 which was held at Rowton Castle. I really loved the remote but romantic feel to the castle, and I thought it would fit in well with my wish to get married in winter. After waiting what seemed like an age for Rich to come home, we booked a viewing for the castle and that was it, we both fell in love with the place.

There are plenty of bedrooms at Rowton, and there is a beautiful barn conversion a very short walk away, meaning that all the guests would be able to stay. This was important to us as we didn't want people to be leaving early to travel back home, or to trek to a hotel, and it meant that if some people wanted to head to bed early, it didn't mean that their partners had to go as well.

The bridal suite is pretty stunning as well, which definitely helped! There was plenty of room for Nat and I to get ready in the morning, and a stunning four poster bed which made me feel like a princess at night.

Talking of feeling like a princess, I loved the huge staircase which I walked down on my way to talk to the registrars. It felt like I was a débutante on my way to a ball or something. I was very glad of wearing converse though, especially as I was so nervous/excited.

The whole place is decorated so beautifully it meant that I didn't have to spend all my time crafting decorations for the day which is a huge bonus when you're as un-artistic as I am. We used Simply Beautiful for the chair covers, centrepieces, bay trees and ceremony table flowers (fake, because who wants to pay a bomb for something which is only going to be used for an hour?). I had scoured the internet for chair covers which would fit well enough not to look baggy and ridiculous, but not lycra ones, as I'm not a fan of how those look either. The girls at Simply Beautiful were fantastic, even replying to my emails in hospital post-birth!

The ceremony room gets converted into the reception room at Rowton Castle, like many other wedding venues. Luckily there is plenty of room in the lounge and reception area for guests to go in between. We looked at one venue where guests had to wait outside during the time the rooms got changed around, and in November, that was definitely not an option!

Having scoured the internet for pretty much every photo of every wedding ever taken at Rowton Castle (I do my homework!) I had spotted that in winter weddings, if you had the top table in front of the window then you get a lot of refection from the photographers flash during the speeches, which can ruin the photos somewhat, so that added to the other reasons as to why we chose a round top table in front of the fireplace.

How to decorate the fireplace gave me a headache and a half. I knew I didn't want flowers, but I knew I wanted to decorate it in some way, as it was going to be in the background of all the speech photos, and it just looked a touch empty with nothing on it. I must have tried every combination of words in Google, but I wasn't getting many results, until I finally decided on a Mr & Mrs decoration with some candles. The struggles still didn't end here though. Almost every Mr & Mrs block that I came across were white or shabby chic, which did not go with the wedding or the venue in the slightest. Eventually I came across the bronze coloured ones in the photo on Not On The Highstreet so they cost an arm and a leg but by that point - about a month before the wedding - I didn't care any more.

Understandably they don't allow live candles anywhere other than centrepieces, because of the fire hazard. So I got some battery powered tea lights for the gorgeous small candle holders I found in Primark, and used two battery powered candles I already had to go in the hurricane vases (from Wilkos) and added regular table sugar to stand them in. It looked like they were stood in snow close up and looked perfect. I was so glad when everything was finally sorted, and I'm pleased with how it looked.

For centrepieces we opted for simple silver candelabras which we stood on mirrored plates. Simple, classy, and it meant that people could talk around them really easily.

We kept the rest of the table decoration simple, not wanting to clutter the table too much, so there would be plenty of room for food and cameras. For favours my amazing Mum wrapped up Yankee Candle votives in navy tissue paper and tied them with ivory ribbon. It took her hours, but I am so grateful for her taking that job off me in the run up to the wedding. Nearly everyone took theirs home, so as far as favours go I think they were a success.

As the colour scheme was navy, ivory and silver, I was so happy when I saw on their website that Rowton Castle have navy water glasses you can hire. It added a lovely touch of colour to the tables, and made it clear to the slightly sozzled people which glasses were alcohol and which weren't!

The food was incredible. The blogger in me wished I had my big camera so I could document it, but alas, I was being bride, and didn't even look at my phone until getting to my room in the evening. So you'll just have to imagine how good it was instead. We got many compliments about the food, and Rowton catered to all the guests with special diets wonderfully, even when I asked to make a change two days before the wedding they had no problems in tweaking it for us.

There was a separate room for the disco to be in at the end of the night, and this was great as it meant that there was the reception room, the lounge areas and the disco room for people to spread out into, so it never felt cramped, even when the evening guests arrived. The (reasonably priced) drinks were flowing and we danced our feet off until late.

If you've read all the way through to the end of this post, have a high five. I didn't realise it was going to be this long, but I guess when you've got as much raving to do about the venue as I have it's inevitable.

Rachel x

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Our Wedding at Rowton Castle

Hello and welcome to the first of my wedding posts - I'm aiming to put one up every week for the next month or so, detailing the different parts of our amazing wedding at Rowton Castle in Shrewsbury. As this is the first post, I'm going to just give an overview of the day, if you want to know about anything in more detail, let me know and I'll add it to the list of posts to do.

Early in the morning on Friday 20th November 2015, my Dad and I set off from my parents house and drove to the castle. I was full of excitement and nerves, and could not wait to arrive at the castle and start to get ready. As we wouldn't be having a wedding car (the perk of getting ready, married, and the reception all being at the same venue) my Dad had put ribbons on his car, which was really sweet of him, and hilarious when they blew off half way there!

Rich had stayed at the castle the night before the wedding, so when I arrived there was lots of frantic phoning of friends to make sure they had him out of the way so we could unload the cars, and more specifically my dress without him seeing anything he wasn't supposed to, such as me. I swiftly headed up the stairs, met Caro, the hair and makeup lady, and began to get ready.

As there was only Nat and I to get ready, it was quite a chilled out morning of hair and makeup, and at times I was a bit jealous of Rich as I wished that I could be greeting all the guests too. Every time my Mum or Dad came into the room I was wanting updates on what was going on and what people were up to!

Whilst I was busy beautifying, Rich and his groomsmen got ready into their dashing suits we hired from Greenwoods. People have asked a lot why Rich didn't get married in uniform (he's in the RAF for those of you who are new), and the reason is that he didn't want to tie his wedding day to a career he may not be doing in 20 years time, and the fact he'd have had to get changed part way through the day. Personally I was happy with his decision, as I thought he looked better in tails, and I liked that he matched the groomsmen and Dads.

Eventually it was time for me to pop my Converse on (yes, I got married in Converse), and finally get into my dress. I chuffing love my dress and had been desperate to put it on. My Mum and sister laced me in, tight, my veil was added into my hair, and then it was time to wait to be summoned by the registrars.

When you have a civil wedding you don't get to choose your registrars, and I was hoping so much for nice ladies. A wedding can be ruined by having a bad registrar, and as (only a slight) bridezilla, I hated the fact that it was one part of the day I couldn't control. I got my wish though and had two lovely ladies, and we spent a while having a chat whilst having the last run through of "Are you related?" "No" "Are you sure?".

Eventually it was time for me to walk down the aisle, and as I was waiting for the music to get to the right part, I got seriously emotional and welled up. However, I made the decision not to cry, to save my makeup, and in all the photos I'm grinning like a loon instead. I loved walking down the aisle, seeing all my friends and family looking so good and dressed up, but was relieved when I saw Rich at the end of the aisle and I could hold his hand again.

To be perfectly honest, saying the vows just didn't seem real, it was a moment I'd pictured in my head so often in the lead up to the day, but Rich and I were in our little bubble, and just excited to finally be man and wife. Rich got my ring on my finger fine, but I couldn't get his past his huge knuckle. Typical,

We really didn't want the wedding to be boring and cookie cutter, so we personalised everything as much as we could. Including having an amazing reading by two of my best friends. Luckily Cat's husband filmed it, so you can check the full thing out on Cat's YouTube Channel. Everyone there absolutely loved it, and the registrars said it was one of the best readings they'd ever seen.

Once the ceremony was done, it was reception time! We'd decided to have a choice of drinks, either warm mulled cider (as it was November), or prosecco. They went down very well, and we greeted all our guests and gave many kisses on cheeks.

Then it was photo time, our photographer, Phil from PBArtworks did an amazing job, considering that in general Rich and I aren't the most photogenic people we have a lot of photos we really like. Oh, and see how lovely and warm it looks in the photos? It really wasn't, by the time we were done I could no longer feel my fingers, and spent a lot of time between shots with them inside Rich's jacket, and wearing Phil's gloves and jacket he brought with him.

Meanwhile the staff were changing the ceremony room into the dining room. We kept things pretty simple with the decoration as the castle is ornate enough on its own. As Rich's parents are divorced and remarried, we decided to make things simple and have a round top table where we could sit with all the parents, leaving nobody out, and meaning that we got to spend time with them on such a busy day.

The food was incredible, and the speeches were perfect. My Dad was the perfect mix of funny and proud, Rich and I did a speech together, and Dean, the best man, embarrassed Rich the perfect amount. We cut our yummy cake, drank copious amounts of wine, and then it was time for the party.

We slipped out before the party got truly underway to take some gorgeous night shots, and it even began to snow, so we got this stunning photo, which may well be my favourite of the day. Whilst this was taken I was smiling like crazy and saying to Rich "It's snowing" over and over.

I am a shocking dancer, so we stuck to swaying in a circle for our first dance, just kissing and whispering to each other, before getting to the fun part where everyone else could join in.

We had fish and chips as our evening meal, and spent a lot of time on the dance floor and mingling with friends and family. We all got pretty tired late on, but my work friends kept the dance floor going to the very end.

Eventually Rich and I got to go to our bridal suite, I took all 52 hair grips out of my hair, unlaced my dress and fell into bed very gratefully. It was the perfect day, and it really made all the stress and worry worth it, I loved every single moment and am loving reliving it all again for these posts.

Rachel x
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