Friday, 4 December 2015

Three Things About My Home

Three Things About My Home

Recently Ocean Finance got in touch and wanted me to share three home based things I was thankful for. As I'm in a rented house at the minute it means I don't really get a say in the decoration or fittings in my home, but I did think of three things straight away which make me really happy.

Decorated Fireplace

First up is my fireplace. Some of you may scoff at that, as it is "just a fireplace" but my old flat didn't have one, and our military house won't have one either. It's a small thing, but I love having a focal point of the living room and a place to have candles and trinkets displayed. A set of shelves just isn't the same in my opinion. The decoration on my fireplace is continually evolving, thanks in part to the clip fairy lights I got from Urban Outfitters about 8 years ago. I always clip either cards, photos or postcards I receive to them and it adds more card space at times such as Christmas.

Fun fact, that piece of wood in front of the head figurine on the mantelpiece is a cut off from a tree which was planted when I was born in a local forest reserve place to my grandparents. They still go back to visit my tree sometimes and one time the people who look after the forest had been trimming branches and my Dad found the off cut for me.

Secondly is my kitchen. It may not be big (in fact it's pretty damn small) or fancy, but it is my happy place. Often on a weekend when I'm at home, you'll find me in the kitchen cooking up a storm using every available inch of space to batch cook lunches for the week ahead - such as my Carrot and Butternut Squash Soup Recipe and other yummy treats. I can happily spend an entire day in the kitchen cooking and baking away and creating amazing meals. Rich and I are hosting Christmas Dinner this year and I'm really excited to be able to stretch my culinary skills to a roast dinner for five.

Bride and groom kissing

Last but by no means least is the fact that I share my home with my new husband, Rich. As I've talked about before, I have a pretty huge commute to work of over 50 miles each way, and it is only going to increase when we move into military housing. People always tell me I'm crazy and ask me why I do it, and originally when I moved to Leeds I faced a lot of criticism for choosing to have such a long commute. It is all worth it to me to be able to come home to Rich. Even though it isn't every night as sometimes he has to go away with work, for those times when I can kiss him goodnight it is always worth it.

What are your favourite things about your home? Are you all going to make me jealous of your huge open kitchens with storage space and Kitchen Aids? One day, one day!

Rachel x

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