Saturday, 17 October 2015

Thoughts and Stuff

Sometimes I have a lot of thoughts and stuff (see what I did there?) which just don't fit into a nice titled, categorised blog post. So instead of the thoughts swimming around my head constantly, I thought I'd just do a mind-dump blog post and let it all out.


Yeah I know I keep going on about it, mentioning it in nearly every post, but it's so frickin close now. I'm so excited to finally get to marry my best friend, wear the prettiest dress ever and have an amazing party with all of my favourite people, but oh my gosh the stress and hassle of organising it. I wish I could go into full details on here, but weddings really can bring out the worst in people and really let you know who is there for you. 

We are pretty much all organised now, it's just the fiddly bits that you can't do until late on that I need to get sorted, and a few other small things. I'm officially wearing Converse to get married in, and would love to wear Harry Potter socks with them, but I can't find any trainer socks which are Harry Potter related. Can any of you help me? I'll pay you in cake and wedding favours!

Hen Do

On a related note, it's my hen do in a couple of weeks time. And that's all I know about it! My amazing, wonderful, fantastic sister is organising it all and I'm not allowed to know a thing (did I mention she was amazing? Yes? Good.) which is an absolute blessing. I love that I don't have to stress about that at all, and I trust her 100%. She's even coming to Leeds the night before to pack for me, which means that it will be the most stylish weekend of my life as my sister is definitely the cool one of the family.


Okay, now time for something not so great. Work is a bit of a struggle at the minute, because I've been saving all my annual leave for wedding/honeymoon/Christmas it's been a really long time since I had any proper time off work and I can tell. It's going to be amazing having all that time off this winter, but it's been so hard being in work all summer and watching everyone I work with go off on at least one abroad holiday. Burnout is real people!


As you may have noticed, I've actually kind of been blogging semi-regularly at the minute. I've decided aiming for one post to go up every Wednesday is a good idea, and I've kept it up for 3 weeks now. Occasionally I'll do a bonus one like this to go up at some other time, but by just posting once a week it means there won't be gluts of posts from me then nothing for weeks again. Feel like I may have jinxed it now though!

Moving House

Once Rich and I are married we become eligible for a military house, so we'll be moving onto base in the new year. I'll be really sad to move away from Leeds, as I love this city so much, but it'll be brilliant living near so many of our friends, and military rent is far cheaper than our Leeds house, so we'll get to save a fair chunk of money. I'm going to come up with a Leeds bucket list of things I would like to do before we leave, so keep an eye out for that on the blog soon.

Hope you've enjoyed my little brain dump. I certainly feel better for getting it all out of my head and onto the internet!

Rachel x

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