Wednesday, 7 October 2015

The Stable, Weymouth

As Rich and I are busy saving for our wedding in November (inching ever closer - eek!) we haven't had a holiday this year, so in August we thought we'd pop down to Weymouth for a long weekend and catch up with some family and friends. One of my favourite places to eat in Weymouth is The Stable, a very cool pizza and cider restaurant based on the harbour. This time I took my big camera as I thought it was about time I shared it with you.

The restaurant is up a few flights of stairs, in the old harbour master's building, and is based on two levels. Go up to the second level, not everyone knows it exists so you're likely to get the floor to yourself, meaning you can take your time and take as many pictures of your food as you like without anyone watching you.

The view isn't bad either. Look at those white cliffs in the distance. So picturesque.

If you can't decide which cider to have (they have a lot of options) you can opt for the tasting board where you get 5 thirds of a pint to try, and attempt to figure out which is your favourite.

All of the pizzas are made with hand rolled sour dough and made fresh as you order them. There are so many I love, but I warn you, when they say the Weymouth Wailer is spicy, they mean it!

After lots of umming and aahing we all finally decided on which pizzas to order.

There were a lot of deals being done - "If you get that one and I get this one we can have half each, but can I try a bit of yours?"

All of the pizzas come out on their own pizza boards with a pizza wheel cutter. Then you help yourself to lots of chilli oil and tuck in.

My personal favourite pizza is the lamb roast. Because it does actually taste like a lamb roast dinner on a pizza. Gorgeously tender lamb with chunks of sweet potato, roasted onions and goat's milk cheddar. All of the ingredients are locally sourced which makes everything taste that extra bit special.

The Stable are so popular that they're opening locations faster than I can scoff a pizza, and all of the menus are slightly different to reflect what's available locally. I know this sounds like a sponsored post but it really isn't. I love The Stable and am still hoping that they spread up north so I don't have to travel so far to get my pizza fix!

Rachel x

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