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A Day in the Life of The Inelegant Wench - October 2015

Way back in November last year I did a Day in the Life post which was my second most popular post of that year. I did say that I was going to start doing a blog post about my #photoanhour day every month, which spectacularly failed, as this is the second blog post I'm doing on it, but I've done #photoanhour most months since.

Instagram is by far my favourite app and I love dedicating a day to putting more pictures on there, usually of things I wouldn't deem worth of Instagram, but can sometimes be my most liked and commented on posts. If you ever want to join in, just keep an eye out on Twitter for the announcement of it each month, or follow some of us #photoanhour people on Instagram.

So, lets get stuck in with the day of Saturday 17th October shall we?


I had no idea about #photoanhour this month until I was checking Instagram in bed, so I hopped out and took this picture out of my bedroom window. The sky looks moody doesn't it! I love this moodier weather of autumn and winter, it's really atmospheric. I may have gotten straight back into bed after taking this picture, you're not judging, right?


Finally out of bed and deciding to rep the Hogwarts t-shirt. I own so many Harry Potter t-shirts now, I love that they've become quite popular now so I can supplement my wardrobe with geeky stuff. I think this is one my sister bought me at some point... I think I might actually have too many if I can't remember where each one is from! 


I'm really into the Sims again at the minute. Rich has been away a bit over the last few weeks, which has meant many evenings controlling the lives of my family on there. I'm slowly adding to my expansion packs as well, I have University, Seasons, Ambitions and the Loft stuff pack, but I'm definitely wanting to add more. Rich keeps treating me to one every time he buys a new game, which is a very fair trade I think!


I am in love with my new tartan men's pyjama bottoms from Next. They're so soft, and have pockets! More female clothes need to have pockets in them, particularly sleepwear. I took this picture whilst sat on my bed putting off getting dressed properly to go to Sainsburys. It's the worst when you're all warm and comfy and have to put on proper clothes to leave the house.


So I eventually made it to Sainsburys and did the weekly food shop. Sometimes I enjoy going on my own because it means I can spend ages looking at things like the Nando's rubs and marinades. Mmmmm. I did well at not buying too many treats this week, aside from a magazine and some new salad dressing.


When I got back from Sainsburys I made myself a quick light lunch of a vegetable salad. I was on the Clean 9 cleanse this weekend, so I was trying to keep my calories as low as possible. I've got a post about my experience coming up on Wednesday morning, so check back then to find out how I got on. This salad was really tasty, the new salad dressing I bought was a tomato and chilli one and it is really flavourful. 


If I'm in on a Saturday I usually wind up doing laundry. I actually enjoy this, it's my favourite house chore, probably because once it's in you get to spend an hour and a half doing a job, whilst actually sitting on the Sims or doing other things. All about that multitasking! 


I picked up this Christmas food catalogue from Sainsbury's earlier in the day. It was so much fun to look at. Rich and I are hosting Christmas this year for the first time (I think I may have said that before? Sorry if I'm repeating myself) and it's going to be amazing starting our own Christmas traditions. We're going to double meat for Christmas dinner - turkey and ham, and the sides have yet to be confirmed. So much excitement!


I seem to frequently put pictures of inside my food processor on Instagram, but I use it all the time! This was two cauliflowers all blended up ready to make The Londoner's Cauliflower Pizza recipe.


This was my finished cauliflower pizza. As I was sticking to the calorie limit of the Clean 9 diet, I wasn't able to make it quite as cheesy or topped as I normally like it, but it was still really good, and for about 500 calories, it was spot on! 


We often watch movies with tea on weekend nights, taking it in turns to make the decision on the film. Rich chose to watch Horns, the one with Daniel Radcliffe in it. It was pretty good, but got somewhat ridiculous towards the end, and the violence got very comic book like. I know the film is based on a comic book, but still, snakes cannot do those things. I love Juno Tempo though, that girl is gorgeous!


Perusing my ever growing recipe book collection looking at recipes I want to try. I tend to stick to the same few recipe books, I need to shop my stash more often! 


Waking up and coming downstairs to the kitchen being a complete mess always puts me in a bad mood for the day, so I'll always try to wash up before bed whenever possible. Rich and I almost always do the dishes together, I wash and he dries, usually whilst dancing around to music on Spotify, it's a really good chance to catch up on our days. 

After I washed up I did my usual Saturday night trick of falling asleep on Rich's lap whilst he watches Match of the Day, so no more photos from me as when it finished I stumbled to bed and went back to sleep again. 

I hope you enjoyed being nosy at what a day in my life is like. I'll try my best to do these more often! 

Rachel x

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