Tuesday, 4 August 2015

London with the Sister

As I mentioned in my previous post (an update of my 15 in 2015 resolutions) I visited London a couple of months ago to see my sister and see the Prodigy at Alexandra Palace. Obviously we had a very busy weekend, and obviously I took a lot of photos, so here we go!

After arriving into London very tired and very excited on Friday night, I met Nat at the station and we headed back to her flat. It was so weird for me to go to her flat instead of a hotel like I've always done before, seeing the residential areas of London made it seem more real that people actually live there and it's not just tourists and super rich people. We had a huge catch up and got into pyjamas to watch Pitch Perfect as it was the weekend that the second film came out (more on that in a bit).

Saturday morning we were up bright and early to head into central London to discover Borough Market after seeing posts from many other bloggers. We went hungry and it's a good job we did. There was so many amazing sights and smells, my mouth started watering the minute we arrived and didn't stop til we dragged ourselves away with full bellies but still wanting more.

After a first circuit to see what was on offer we started to loop back to actually buy some things to try. Luckily Nat and I have very similar taste in food and drink, so we opted to share one of everything meaning that we could try twice as much as we would on our own.

I don't have pictures of everything we ate, and if I did this post would be even longer than it's already going to be, so I'll just show you my two highlights of the market. The first one is this amazing salt beef sandwich. We had a bit of a flirt with the guy serving us, and it paid off in the amount of meat in there. It's stuffed full! Sandwiches in hand we hurried over to a quiet-ish spot so we could eat our sandwiches in peace and give them the attention they truly deserved. Soft fresh bread with a layer of mustard, pickles and the most soft, delicious salt beef I have ever eaten. We were silent whilst eating they were that good.

My other photographed highlight of the food we ate from the market was this stunning salted caramel doughnut. It took us a good 5 minutes to decide which we fancied from the stunning selection you can see above, but I'm glad we went for the fail safe of caramel. You know how filled doughnuts are usually all the dough with the tiny squidge of filling in the middle (or sometimes at the side, usually when you're not expecting it, and wearing white). These doughnuts are nothing like them. It was all about the soft, sweet, salty caramel filling with a perfect dough to filling ratio. It was a wrench to pass over half to Nat it was that good.

Once we'd stuffed ourselves silly we headed over to the cinema to see Pitch Perfect 2, which was thoroughly enjoyable, but not quite as good as the first unfortunately. Then it was back to the flat to get ready for the Prodigy. Alexandra Palace is a fantastic venue, intimate, yet massive, and the architecture of the building is beautiful. I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for other gigs to go to there. We sang and danced our hearts out like usual, and left very sweaty but very happy.

To save this post getting really really long, I'll save what we got up to on the Sunday for another post, to come within the week (I hope!).

Rachel x

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  1. Oh my word... That doughnut looks and sounds DIVINE. Normally I wouldn't look twice at doughnuts but I think you've just converted me! Xxx


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