Friday, 7 August 2015

London with the Sister - Part II

If you missed part 1 you can catch up on my weekend of London adventures here. If you're all up to date then grab a cuppa and get stuck in with me.

We woke up on Sunday with the grand plan of hiring a Boris bike, going to the park, and eating yet more good food before I had to get the train back up to Leeds. Luckily it was a gorgeous day, one of the first hot days of the year (yes this trip happened in May, I am aware that it's now August - oops) so we did struggle to find a bike at first. After lots of trekking about and tourist dodging we found some near Hyde Park, which is the one with the Princess Diana memorial in it. There is a cycle path around the edge of the park, making our route very easy indeed.

It was great fun biking about, even if I did feel slightly out of control, and utterly petrified whenever we went near a road, I think I'm officially out of practice - the North is too hilly for bikes!

There was a bike station just around the corner from the memorial, so we stashed our bikes and went to dip our feet in the deliciously cold water. Watching all the kids having fun did make me miss the age where you could just strip to your pants and play, but I don't think the families would have appreciated an incredibly pale tall girl running about in just her pants! I did spot a girl do a spectacular fall in some mud, which was hilarious, but I did feel sorry for her.

Once we'd had our fill of the sun and the water feature it was time to head to Whole Foods for me to drool over all the health foods, and to get lunch.

Nat and I both opted for salads, as they'd got some amazing looking things on the salad bar that I couldn't wait to try, such as the marinated kale salad, and some of the quinoa mixes. It was really good, loads better than a mayonnaise filled Morrisons salad!

I'd also spotted chia pudding, something I'd never tried before, so I swiftly grabbed it to try as a part of dessert. It was not as I expected at all, I'd been imagining a yoghurty type consistency but instead it was mostly like jelly. I enjoyed it though, and have made one at home since, trying to replicate this one. Whole Foods is one of my top shops to visit in London, I wish they'd got one in Leeds, but then again, my bank balance probably prefers how far away it is!

That was it, after a mooch around some of the shops with Nat it was time for me to head to Platform 9 and 3/4 (if only) to go home, tired, full and very happy. I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend in London, and need to go again soon, even if just to tick off some more of my foodie wish list.

Rachel x


  1. I always meant to hire a Boris bike and do a few laps of a park, it never happened though! Another thing on the London Bucket list I never got round to doing! My boss used to cycle into work every day on one, from Waterloo to Aldgate, that always seemed too much like hard work to me!

  2. Whole Foods is so good- I feel like stuffing my face with their stuff is actually BURNING calories, it's so good :p xxx


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