Thursday, 9 July 2015


Well. June sort of vanished again didn't it?

The month started with a hen do for one of my best uni friends, and it involved lots of fun activities and the best food I think has ever been had on a hen do. It was stuff yourself silly good. However, on the Sunday I really started to suffer with my wisdom teeth, and by the afternoon I couldn't even eat chippy chips because they felt too hard. I drove home in tears dreaming of painkillers, and oh my goodness, codeine is a wonderful thing.
Monday morning I headed straight to the dentist for an emergency appointment to be told that I had a severe wisdom tooth infection and it needed to be taken out in the hospital. Prescription for two separate types of antibiotics in hand I drove home and started rattling with tablets, two (huge) antibiotics three times a day and all the painkillers I was allowed to take in between.

Once I was better from my infection and only required paracetamol to keep my tooth pain at bay I went back to work, only to become rather itchy on the Tuesday afternoon. I kept scratching but I was still itchy, which I thought was odd but oh well. By the time I got home that evening I headed straight for the fridge to put all the cold things I could find on my itches, which were coming up in a red raised rash.
It turns out that I was allergic to the weeks course of penicillin I'd just finished taking, and I spent the next week turning into a red, swollen, itchy blob. Not very nice right? It also happened to be Rich's Mum's wedding, and my birthday that weekend, and on the morning of the wedding I woke up with one eye completely swollen shut. Perfect. I did the natural thing and took a selfie, but the internet really doesn't need to see that!

Luckily on my birthday morning I woke up swelling free and with my rash beginning to fade - the antihistamines had begun to kick in at last! I had a wonderful day with Rich at the seaside, and received amazing presents, I was thoroughly spoilt. I'll write more about some of the things I received soon, they're too good not to share.

After another week at work I attended a Game of Thrones themed party the next weekend, where we all dressed up and had a house party. It was amazing, I dressed up as Margaery Tyrell, and Rich dressed up as a Sparrow, but there were fantastic costumes all round. I got drunk for the first time in a really long time at the party, so spent the rest of the weekend recovering. I always forget just how bad hangovers are, only to be swiftly reminded when I do drink a bit too much. Oh well!

So, as you can see my June was a bit crazy, so July so far has been spent catching up on all the things I didn't do in June, such as cleaning the house and doing wedding stuff. I think I might just give up on June as a lost cause next year, they do always seem to be a very busy month.

I hope you are all well, and didn't mind the slightly wordier post with less pictures. I didn't have much time tonight to write this and I know if I'd have had to do pictures too then there would have been no post at all!

Rachel x

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