Sunday, 14 June 2015

15 Things in 2015 Update

In January I posted the 15 things I'd like to do in 2015 and as we are now halfway through the year I thought it was high time I updated you all on how I'm doing.

  1. Get Married
    Obviously this hasn't happened yet, but we are now about 4 months away from the big day so a lot of organising has been going on. We actually spent this last weekend at my parents house having cake and flowers appointments and I feel a lot more organised now than I did in January!
  2. Be Calm
    This one is going pretty well actually, I do still find myself getting stressed out occasionally, but I've become quite adept at giving myself a stern talking to, and Rich is being fantastically helpful with talking me through things.
  3. Recycle More
    Another resolution/goal which is going really well, we are regularly filling our recycle bin with tins and paper products and I now know which numbers of plastic are recyclable. This sounds daft, but I've realised that the more I recycle, the less I have to change the bin bags. Obvious, but apparently it wasn't to me.
  4. Do Something Nice Every Day
    I've now realised that this is a little optimistic, but I am being a lot more mindful of doing small nice things more often so it is paying off. A lot of them are letting people out into traffic, which is tiny, but it helps to make my commute calmer and more positive in general.
  5. Make Another YouTube Video
    A complete fail so far I'm afraid, but the aim is to do one in the whole of 2015 and I do still have another half a year to go. Hopefully I'll manage this before the year is out!
  6. Improve my Photography
    Another resolution I haven't done much/anything about yet. I shall try again soon though, and now that it's summer so the light is better in general hopefully this will be easier to do.
  7. Go to the Thackray Medical Museum
    Yet another resolution I've not ticked off, but like the YouTube video, I still have another 6 months to try and fit it in, so I shall do my best as I really do want to go.
  8. Read 30 Books
    I started using Goodreads at the beginning of the year as a way to track my reading and I'm actually up to 24 books at the time of writing, which is pretty impressive to be honest. I should definitely hit my target way before the end of the year and I'm very intrigued to see how many books I manage to complete by the New Year. I'm planning a post at some point mentioning some of my favourite books of the year, as I've read some fantastic books so far.
  9. Watch 15 New Films
    As there is no Goodreads for films I've not been able to track my film watching for the year, but having attempted to count them up, I reckon I'm at around 7 or 8 which isn't bad. I'll have to start logging the films I watch in an Evernote or something, unless anyone has any better suggestions?
  10. Become Comfortable Around Dogs
    I've not had much chance to be around dogs so far this year so I haven't had the opportunity to work on this resolution yet, but I shall if I can as it is something I still want to do before the end of the year.
  11. Visit London
    Another resolution which I can actually tick off. I went to visit my sister in London in May to see the Prodigy for the 7th time and just to have a generally awesome weekend. I've got all of the pictures ready on my computer to blog about it, and I shall get round to it soon, I promise!
  12. Blog at Least 70 Times
    During the first 6 months of 2015 I've only managed to blog 16 times, so in order to meet my goal I'd have to blog about 3 times a week consistently for the rest of the year. It could potentially happen, but I'm not so sure. I've been becoming slightly jaded with the "blogger scene" lately, and following the conventions and rules set out by it, which is why I haven't been posting as much, but if I start posting about more personal things and ignoring the rule of having to have a set of professional looking photos for every post it may mean more posts from me. Watch this space!
  13. Sell/Donate my Old Clothes and DVDs
    Complete. I donated my old clothes to work friends for first dibs, then the rest went to charity, and I sold my DVDs and games to Music Magpie, and made a decent amount from not a lot of work which I was quite happy with. I love de-cluttering and I can sense another clothes clear out happening soon.
  14. Figure Out How to Wear a Red Lip
    Sort of complete? I bought some red lipgloss, and have worn it twice now, but not around anyone I know. I need to up the guts I think, and practice eating and drinking with it on so that I don't look ridiculous by the time I've finished a meal.
  15. Cook a Blog Recipe Once a Month
    If you follow me on Instagram (@inelegantwench) then you'll have seen that I've gotten through a fair few blogger recipes so far this year. I haven't stuck to doing exactly one a month, but I have done about 6 so far, which I'll count as a win.
Sorry about a wordy post, when I haven't blogged for a while I have too many words built up in my head! I'll be back soon with my London posts, but for now, let me know how you're getting on with your New Years resolutions in the comments below.

Rachel x

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