Thursday, 30 April 2015

Nakd Bars Review*

The other day an email landed in my inbox from Natural Balance Foods asking me to try out some unusual cereal bars from them. As soon as I heard that they were Nakd bars, I immediately replied and said hell yes! Nakd bars aren't your usual type of cereal bar, they consist of just 3 or 4 ingredients cold pressed together to form a chewy bar of yumminess. Rich and I have started to try and eat cleaner lately, and these fit right into our new eating style.

They're all mostly made of dates, cashews and raisins, and they really pack a punch of energy when you have one, but in a completely natural way. Don't be put off if you don't like raisins though, my Dad loathes raisins but I got him to try one and he really enjoyed it. His face was a picture when I told him the ingredients, now I might be able to convince him to try other things with raisins in them!  Most supermarkets sell them now, and they are a little on the expensive side, but worth it for a treat. I got sent 10 different flavours, and have tried every single one so I can tell you what they're all like.

Berry Delight - The only one with other types of fruit in it, as it contains raspberries. It's very summery in flavour and a bit like a summer pudding, not very nutty at all. I give it a 4/5.

Pecan Pie - Very sweet, but then again, Pecan Pie might be, I've never tried it! Pleasant in general but a very generic flavour. 4/5.

Cashew Cookie - This one is very nutty, but you'd expect that from the name. It does taste quite cookie like, but without the chocolate chips. 4/5.

Cocoa Delight - We're into the chocolatey realms now, but when I first bit into the bar I got a very alcoholic taste, like when you try some whisky as a teenager for the first time. It went away quickly though, and was replaced by a very mild chocoaltey flavour. Probably a good one to try first. 4/5.

Caffe Mocha - As I opened this one I was hit with a very overwhelming smell of coffee. Luckily I now like coffee, so it wasn't bad for me, but I imagine if you weren't much for it you could be put off. There wasn't much of a coffee flavour to the bar, but I had the most awful coffee after taste in my mouth for ages. Even 2 tic tacs couldn't shift it! Only a 2/5.

Cocoa Mint - Now, I'm not normally a mint flavoured person. I often find that instead of being all lovely and minty, it tends to punch you in the face and make you think you're eating/drinking toothpaste. However, in the name of research for this blog post, I ate one and it was amazing! The minty taste was really subtle, but still refreshing, and it made the perfect after meal treat. Much better than After Eights! 5/5.

Ginger Bread - I'm also not really one for ginger flavouring either, I don't like gingerbread at all, but again, I tried it, just for you readers. Again I was really surprised, it was very subtlety ginger flavoured, but tasted more of the cinnamon and cloves which were used in the bar as well. I'd actually choose this one again. 4/5.

Cocoa Orange - It has chocolate flavours, it has orange flavours, that is my match made in heaven. It's stunning. Not much more to say really apart from eat it! 5/5.

Rhubarb and Custard - Another combo that I don't normally go for, but it was really pleasant, it had a slight hint of rhubarb, but not enough to put me off. Couldn't taste any custard, but was I really expecting to? 3/5.

Bakewell Tart - This one was hiding away when I took all my photographs, which is why it isn't in the arrangement above, but when I did find it lurking in my box I was so happy. The taste really reminded me of a marzipany bakewell tart, and as I love marzipan it was a very happy result! 5/5.

As you can tell from my ratings, they're all pretty damn yummy (apart from the coffee one - why such a strong after taste Nakd?) so well worth picking up for a super healthy snack if you need one. Now, other than these bars, fruit and nuts, what other snacks are healthy and will give me lots of energy?

Rachel x

I was given a case of Nakd bars in exchange for a post about them. All ideas and views are my own - they really are seriously yummy snacks, I wouldn't recommend them if I didn't really like them. Promise!

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