Thursday, 23 April 2015

Five Guys, Leeds

So, as promised in my Easter Weekend post, here is my post about Five Guys in Leeds, which I went to with my sister and Rich on bank holiday Monday. Can't believe that's over 2 weeks ago now!

I had read Kel'sSammie's and Simone's posts about the new Five Guys which opened at Kirkstall a while ago now, and I wanted to go and visit straight away. However, as Kirkstall isn't a place I ever drive near or had any other cause to visit, it was a really long time before I decided that enough was enough and I needed to experience that drinks machine.

Rather randomly placed in a retail park, and sharing a building with a Harvester, I was simultaneously excited and worried about how good this burger was going to be. Nat had been before though, so I was being reassured that it was going to be filthy and I was going to enjoy it.

The interior is typical American style, with an open kitchen and quotes all over the walls, just in case you didn't know how good your meal was going to be. We queued up on the right (after confusedly heading towards the counter first) and tried to decide what to order from the menu.

We all went for cheeseburgers, then went to town on the toppings. I loved that all of the toppings were free, so you could have as many as you like. I had mine "all the way" which means with all of the black text toppings; basically all of my favourite things. Aside from avocado. Five Guys, where is your avocado topping?

We helped ourselves to a huge portion of peanuts in their shells from the bags which are stationed around the restaurant and tucked into them whilst waiting for our order number to be called. The signs attached to the bags made me giggle, as they said that peanuts couldn't be removed from the store in case anyone is allergic to them?! Because the rest of the world must have no peanuts of course!

After not too long a wait our numbers were called and we headed up to collect our brown paper bags full of burgers and fries. Just look at that hunk of sexiness. I could eat it all over again right now. The burgers were juicy, flavoursome, and oh so messy. I rank it as a much nicer posher burger similar to a McDonald's in style. 

As the three of us are spice addicts, the cajun fries were the only way to go. The fries themselves were well cooked, but the cajun flavouring was just too much for me, as it pretty much totally masked the taste of the fries themselves. Nat and Rich didn't agree though as they had no issues polishing them all off.

Having heard so much about the magical drinks machine which lets you choose your own flavour of pop from a ridiculous number of choices, I made many trips over during our meal, trying as much as I could. Turns out that lemon Fanta Zero is my favourite, but raspberry Diet Coke is pretty good as well.

I loved how much the restaurant made me feel like a kid again, from having the unlimited drinks choices, to the variety of burger toppings and the notice boards where you could pin up your five guys drawings. It was a little expensive though for what is basically a better McDonald's. I'm glad I experienced it, but Kirkstall is just so far away. Open one in the city centre next Five Guys!

Rachel x

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