Sunday, 12 April 2015

Easter Weekend Through Instagram

It was Easter Weekend last weekend which meant a whole glorious 4 days off work (lets not talk about the insane amount of work that had to be fit into 4 days instead of 5). As my little sister works in London now for a production company instead of in retail, it meant that she also had the 4 days off, so she came to stay! I was so crazy excited that I was going to spend 4 whole days with her, as we are both so busy I very rarely get to spend that long with her anymore.

So, we did a whole load of cool stuff together, and when I do cool stuff I Instagram it. Obviously. So to catch you up, and before I do a couple of in depth posts about what I got up to on Bank Holiday Monday, I thought I'd do a post showing my Instagram pictures from the weekend. If you already follow me @inelegantwench then this will be old news - sorry!

We started out Friday with a big long lie in and catch up - then headed into Leeds to do some shopping and to eat lots of sushi. Standard. When our oishii buns arrived they looked very photogenic, and bigger than they look on the menu. They're also really really good, the buns are the most squidgy soft thing in the world. 

We had a bit of a pamper day on Saturday, I'd bought an argan oil hair mask from Poundland a while ago and not got round to using it, so we did that, nails and a face mask each. Nat had never done a face mask before. I was so shocked and did feel a little as though I had let her down as a big sister! It was really funny as it dried, as Nat had never experienced the lack of being able to move your face, then giggling and cracking it.

Saturday night was fondue night, and not just any fondue, cheese fondue! I don't know if I've mentioned this before but as a family we always had oil fondues on New Years Eve, and I really enjoy them. Rich bought me a fondue set for my birthday last year, and I was so excited to finally try out a cheese fondue. Well, 10 months later I finally did it. I looked in my fondue recipe book and found a recipe for mexican cheese fondue, which sounded right up our street! We served it with chopped up steak, homemade tortilla chips, peppers, sweet potato wedges and cocktail sausages. It was amazing, pure heaven.

Easter Sunday started out the right way, with dippy egg and soldiers! Lots of Easter eggs, and then a proper lamb dinner at lunch. It was only my third ever roast dinner I'd made, so was a bit of a faff, but with lots of help from Rich when I needed an extra pair of hands, we did it. It tasted so good, even if I do say so myself!

On Sunday evening we headed over to Xscape, where I'd seen a while ago that a trampoline park opened. It is called Gravity and it's upstairs where the indoor surfing used to be. We booked online and went for quite late, when we figured it would be quiet. We were right, and after donning our socks and stowing our stuff away in a free locker, we headed onto the trampolines. They're so much fun to bounce around on, they have ones which go up the sides of the walls, basket ball hoops, a big dodgeball arena and a foam pit. The foam pit was great to fling yourself into, but so difficult to drag yourself out of. I lost my socks so often in there and had to go diving to get them out! It was hard work trampolining, I quickly realised how unfit I am, as well as not really being able to do anything cool other than a seat drop, after trying all session! We snuck to get my phone out of the locker and took a few pictures trying to get cool aerial shots, and I failed, as you can see!

On Monday we woke up to glorious sunshine, so decided to head out for a walk to Yorkshire Sculpture Park. I took my big camera with me so got a lot of pictures, which I'll do a proper post on soon, but it was blissful getting some vitamin D and having a wander with Rich and Nat.

Before taking Nat to the coach station to head back to London, we went to Five Guys, as I have been desperate to try there for ages and we all fancied a good big burger! I took my big camera here as well, so I'm going to do a proper review post on it at some point soon. In short, it was really good, and every time I see the pictures I begin to really want another one. 

Sorry for the photo heavy post, but I got up to a lot, and wanted to update you all! Hope you all had a great Easter weekend full of family, food and laughs!

Rachel xx

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