Monday, 16 March 2015

The Yorkshire Meatball Co. Harrogate

Whilst in Harrogate the other weekend buying wedding rings and eating afternoon tea I took the opportunity to try out The Yorkshire Meatball Company which I had seen on Amy Liz's blog and Harley Wood's blog who are my two reliable Leeds and local area food bloggers. They never disappoint!

We headed to the restaurant quite early, which was good because they only just managed to squeeze us in as they were nearly fully booked that evening. It has a very rustic atmosphere, with very friendly wait staff. There were a mixture of families, couples and older people dining, which shows that it has mass appeal. To be honest, who doesn't like meatballs!

I ordered the fish balls which consisted of haddock, chorizo and parsley. They were on the classic lemon blanket (crème fraiche with lemon and sage) which complemented the fishy balls perfectly, being delicate enough not to overpower the fish, but still being flavourful itself. If I'm honest I didn't really taste any chorizo in my balls, they kind of tasted just like fishcakes, but in balls rather than discs, but I wasn't complaining as they were still delicious. 

The side I went for was the wilted greens, which tasted great, just didn't photograph so well. So I took a picture of Rich's roast vegetable side instead. All of the combos come with the option of a free Yorkshire pudding, which we both said yes to - of course - and look at the size of it. A whopper of a pudding! It was a little dry on its own, and a bit unwieldy to cut, but by the time it was combined with the meatballs and the sauces, it was yummy. Whoever says no to a free Yorkshire pudding needs their head looking at in my opinion! 

To share as a side we opted for the onion rings, served with sweet chilli sauce and sour cream. Unsual dipping sauces but they really worked. The waitress told us that these were the best onion rings ever, but as Rich and I have been on an onion ring rating mission since we started seeing each other, I have to disagree with her. The batter was just far far too hard. Rich thinks that this could be because they were gluten free, but even so, nearly breaking a tooth on one just wasn't worth it! 

A bit of a mixed review of the Yorkshire Meatball Co. but to answer the important question of would I go back? Yes I would, but I would probably order some different things next time. It's a cool place with a lot of potential, I do just think I probably didn't order the right things!

Rachel x

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