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I know this is kind of late for a February round up post, but life has been kind of busy for a while, so unfortunately blogging had to take a back seat again. It has begun to calm down again, and I have this next week off from work so am planning on getting back on it from now on! This is going to be a bit of a word dump post, and is very wedding related, so if you just want a summary skip to the end - I won't judge!

A huge chunk of February was taken up with wedding dress shopping. Eek! As it is now only about 9 months to go until I get married, I figured it was about time to begin the hunt for the most important dress of my life. My little sister, aka best friend and my bridesmaid, moved to London in January, so I dragged her back up to our home town and went shopping with her and my Mum. The first shop was a huge one called Aisle of Brides, and they had rails and rails of every type of wedding dress you can imagine. My Mum and sister had great fun flicking through the rails and tagging all of the dresses they thought I'd like, and I spent a long time trying them all on, one after another. It was very obvious from early on what styles suited me, and when I tried on my favourite with a veil and tiara it did get very teary - completely unlike us as we aren't an emotional family at all!
We had another appointment that weekend, and then my Mum and I did a big dress shopping weekend in Leeds the weekend after. I must have tried on over 50 dresses easily, but so few were actually what I was after, it did make it a lot easier for me to make decisions. The teary dress from the first shop was the one I kept thinking about, so I took a day off work and went back with my Mum and Nanna this time to have another try on to see if it was as beautiful as I remembered. It was, so I spent a very long time prancing around the shop wearing it and then I bought it!! So exciting.

Whilst I was at home for wedding dress shopping I went to my Aunty's house a couple of times as well to sort out the invitations. My Aunty Ange is the most creative and talented card maker I know, and from the very beginning I knew I wanted her to make my invitations for me! As I write this she has just finished printing and assembling them all, I was very excited to see the picture of them all looking so perfect and ready to be sent out.

Other wedding related things that have been happening are making lots of decisions on venue decorations, flowers and cake flavours. I'm also on the hunt for a hair and makeup person, but it's so hard to just pick a person off the internet as you have no idea whether they're actually good or not. If anyone has any recommendations of people - even if they're just starting out - for the Telford/Shrewsbury area please do let me know!

Aside from all of the wedding planning and shopping that's been going on, Rich also came home in February. It was a week later than originally expected, but I am so glad to have him back in one piece with me again. We have slipped straight back into our usual rhythm of things, and life is back to its usual self. Having this week off together will really help out as we are always best when we spend a lot of time together.

tl;dr? I've done a lot of wedding stuff and Rich is home. Basically.

I'll be back in a couple of days with some very foodie posts, I've spent this weekend eating my way around Yorkshire, and have a lot of pictures to share with you!

Rachel x

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