Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Beauty Matters Launch, Garforth, Leeds

I got an email a couple of weeks ago now inviting me to the re-launch of a beauty salon in Garforth, which is a little town about 5 minutes away from Leeds. I obviously said yes, as I know Garforth fairly well because it was a place Rich and I looked at living when we were moving to Leeds. Also, I'm trying to look after myself a bit more this year, and beauty salons are great places for pampering - so I thought I'd go along and have a nosy.

Beauty Matters has been in Garforth for over 15 years already, but has moved to a new place on the left hand side of the high street (if you're coming from the train station or Leeds). Sorry for the slightly rubbish photo, it was very dark outside! There's some free on street parking just outside, or you can use the larger car park just over the road which is for the whole high street, so can get a bit busy at times - but at least it's free.

Now, onto the inside of the salon. It's been decorated beautifully, it feels like going into a swish hotel; you feel at home, just in a better, nicer looking home. I didn't manage to get a good picture of the reception/nail area as you walk into the salon as it was too full of people all night, but there are large comfortable looking grey chairs to sit and wait on, and a wall full of nail polish which made me very, very jealous. 

There are 8 different treatment rooms, again all decorated beautifully, and the one pictured above is big enough for 2 people to have a treatment simultaneously. I'm still working on Rich to come for a couples massage with me, hopefully he'll say yes soon!

Even the waxing rooms look lovely, I almost felt like I could've been in a spa hotel abroad, except for the cold outside and Northern accents everywhere!

There are all of the usual treatments on offer which you'd expect at a "regular" salon, such as waxing, massages, nails etc. but there are some new, more unusual treatments available too. As we wandered the salon, having a little nosy at what was in all of the rooms we spotted a lady with a tube on her stomach which was attached to an unusual looking machine. Turns out that this is the 3D liposuction which is on offer at Beauty Matters. As a scientist I am a bit sceptical about how it works, but from reading the press pack, it says that it delivers RF frequency energy to the fat cells under the skin which makes them die and are removed by the body over a few months. I'm intrigued to know if anyone's tried this, and if they have, how are the results?

Another unusual treatment on offer is colonic hydrotherapy. Yep, you can now get a colonic in Garforth. If you don't know what one is, they basically put a tube up your bottom and squirt water into it, clearing you out thoroughly. It's meant to remove all of your built up toxins and make you feel a lot better and more energised. A bit gross, but could really help if you're trying to do a bit of a detox - I bet they'll be really popular after Christmas.

As a part of the goody bag I was given a £10 off voucher when I spent over £40 so once pay day hits I'll be going back to try out some of the treatments for myself, so will report back then on how the salon does from a customer perspective.

Rachel xx

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