Saturday, 3 January 2015

15 Things in 2015

So, as every blogger in the world (or just my Bloglovin' feed) seems to be doing a New Years Resolutions post, I thought I'd hop on the bandwagon too. Instead of these all being resolutions, I thought it would be fun to include some bucket-list type things as well. So here we go, these are the 15 things I would like to accomplish in 2015.

  1. Get Married.
    Well, this is pretty much guaranteed to happen as we have the venue booked for November. It still merits being included though, as it is a thing I am seriously looking forward to, and to do it I need to do a hell of a lot of organising first.

  2. Be Calm. 
    I spent a lot of 2014 very stressed out, and it wasn't good for me at all, so one of my biggest aims of 2015 is to be a lot more calm and relaxed. I'm going to make a conscious effort to not let the little things get to me, and spend a lot more time chilling out and looking after myself. But with the wedding planning, who knows if I'll stick to it? Wish me luck!

  3. Recycle More.
    As our recycling bin only used to get emptied once a month, it always seemed to be full, so I never really bothered with recycling. Now that Leeds Council have changed it to be every other week, I want to make the effort to actually recycle everything that is recyclable, including loo roll innards which seem far too much effort to bring downstairs to the recycling pile when the bathroom bin is right there...

  4. Do Something Nice Every Day.
    Whether complimenting someone, letting a car out at a junction, or donating to charity, I want to spend more time doing nice things this year. Sounds easy but it takes a lot of effort to remain conscious of it and not just get wrapped up in day to day life.

  5. Make Another YouTube Video.
    I made one back in March about how bad I am at accents and really enjoyed it, even though it took me hours to edit. I'd love to do another one, but I'm not sure what about yet, and I'm struggling to come up with ideas of where to film in my house as it's a bit of a dark house. Watch this space though.

  6. Improve My Photography.
    I feel as though I've improved my photography this year, and I'm definitely feeling a lot more confident about handing my DSLR than I was before. The next step is moving off auto, and that scares me, it scares me a lot.

  7. Go to the Thackray Medical Museum.
    This is a museum in Leeds and ever since hearing about it I have really wanted to go. I love medicine and medical things (good job I work for the NHS then) so I would be fascinated by this. I'm thinking it might be my birthday activity, but whenever I go I'll take my camera, so again, watch this space!

  8. Read 30 Books.
    I've seen a lot of book challenges knocking around, and I'd love to join in. I've pretty much always got a book on the go, and I thought 30 books seemed quite manageable for a first year of trying to hit a target. I'll try and post more book reviews as well on here, so you can keep up with what I'm reading.

  9. Watch 15 New Films.
    When I like a film, I like to watch it over and over, so I am a bit of a nightmare at having seen films that everyone else has seen, as I talked about in a Sunday Confessions last year. So this year I'd like to watch 15 films I haven't seen before. They can be new releases or ones which have been out for ages, it doesn't matter which. I've just signed up for a trial of Amazon Prime, which has some good films on it, so that should help me on my way.

  10. Become Comfortable Around Dogs.
    Time for a confession here, I am a bit scared of dogs. As a child I didn't really have much to do with animals, so I never really learnt how to deal with dogs, and this has meant that I am very cautious around them now. Rich loves dogs though, and his Dad owns two very excitable young dogs, so when we go round Rich has to spend most of his time shielding me from them and trying to distract them from jumping all over me. My ultimate aim is to be able to pet dogs and play with them, so that I'm not just hiding behind Rich whenever one starts coming up to us. We'll see how it goes.

  11. Visit London.
    My amazing little sister moves to London on Monday to start a new career in film production. I am super proud of her, and will definitely be using visiting her as an excuse to go to London a lot more often this year. Train tickets aren't that expensive, and when I have access to a sofa to crash on, it'll mean I can have a lot more adventures without my bank balance suffering (too much).

  12. Blog at Least 70 Times.
    As I mentioned in my Best of 2014 post, I blogged 69 times in 2014, a definite increase on the 22 times in 2013. I'm hoping to improve on this in 2015, and as long as I blog at least 70 times I'll be a very happy lady. Hopefully you think this is a good idea as well, as you'll be getting a lot more ramblings from me!

  13. Sell/Donate my Old Clothes and DVDs.
    I dropped from a size 14/16 in 2013 to a size 12 in 2014, which is brilliant news for my health, but not so great for my wardrobe, especially as I'd been a size 14 for 9 years when I lost the weight, so pretty much all of my clothes didn't fit as well any more. I've managed to do some sorting through of my old clothes, and have a huge pile which doesn't fit, and I can't still wear as oversized. Also, when me and Rich moved in together we had a lot of doubles of  DVDs which we don't need, so these have been sorted into a pile as well. The only problem is, these piles have been sat in my spare room now for quite some time, and they need to go! If you think you might be interested in some of my clothes or DVDs/games, just tweet me or leave a comment below, they'll be going for very cheap prices!

  14. Figure Out How to Wear a Red Lip.
    Red lipstick is one of my favourite looks on other people. It screams out cool, feminine and sophisticated, and I would love to be all of those things. I've never really worn any lip colour before, but I have now bought some lip glosses and crayons, so my aim for 2015 is to wear a red lip for an outing, and feel comfortable. I hope I can do it!

  15. Cook a Blog Recipe Once a Month.
    My Bloglovin' likes are choc-full of recipes that bloggers have posted which I think sound amazing, and you can see some of these recipes in this post from November. I want to work my way through the rest of the recipes, instead of just periodically drooling over them, and actually transcribe the ones which work into my recipe folder. At least that's the aim anyway. Doing one a month seems reasonable, and hopefully I'll be able to do another tried and tested blog recipe post soon.

Oops, I didn't realise this post was going to get quite so wordy and long. Well done if you've made it to the end though! I'd love to know if you've posted your resolutions, or a bucket list like this, link me in the comments below. Right, now back to the New Years feast of Christmas chocolate - I think I received enough this year to keep me going into March!

Rachel x


  1. Happy New Year, love!

    Unfortunately, I can't help on the more exciting (get married!) or useful (stay calm!) resolutions, but with recycling I have one pro tip: keep a small carrier bag in your upstairs bathroom for the toilet roll innards and shampoo bottles. This is what I do at my parents' house, and it means there's just an extra bag to tip into the wheelie bin every two weeks.

    Also, with the DVDs and clothes (congratulations on the weight loss - I've just come off hormonal birth control, and my appetite has finally gone back to normal, so I'm hoping for a good start to 2015), maybe you could set up a selling page on your blog (if that's where you'd like to sell the stuff), and then people can browse through, etc. I'm always on the look out for DVDs (I have no idea what I'm going to do with my already large collection when I finally move out, though, ooops...!).

    1. Thank-you so much for your very useful comment! I like the idea of the recycling bag for the bathroom, it'll definitely help me to recycle more things in there. And I may well do that, I just wasn't sure if I had the followers to warrant a blog sale page. I'll get photographing things tomorrow I think! x

  2. This is a fantastic list! Our main aim over the Christmas/New Year break was to get our little flat organised - we're hoping to buy a house this year and our little place just feels so messy all the time! We've made such a good start. We had a massive clear out of unloved DVDs (have you tried Music Magpie? You only get around 30p for most DVDs but if you have a few it starts to add up quickly!), sorted through a mess of paperwork and I've even cleared through my wardrobe. Feels SO good to do some tidying, I feel ready to start the new year now!

    We've also made huge steps to clear the Sky Planner, we had stupid amounts of TV backed up on the box, I get so lost in blogging I forget to watch TV (which seems bizarre!)

    As a child I was terrified of dogs, we were very much a cat family so I never had much to do with dogs. I remember going round a friend's house who had a very over excited Labrador and I literally climbed over the couches to get away from it, I was terrified! I'm still a little cautious around them but the thing that really helped me was being around my friend's Chihuahuas, they're so tiny it seemed silly to be scared of them and making friends with them definitely helped me with larger dogs!

    Hope all your Resolutions go well


    1. I haven't tried Music Magpie yet, typing in all of the barcodes seems like such a pain in the bum, but I'll bite the bullet and do it at some point! Having a big organise always feels so cathartic doesn't it?

      I don't really watch much TV at all now, I pretty much just watch YouTube, blog, game and read now. Almost seems like a waste for me to have a TV license!

      I'm so glad that I'm not the only one that is scared of dogs, I think becoming friends with a dog would seriously help. One of our friends has a very chilled out dog who I've met and did manage to stroke by the end of the day, big steps!

      Hope you have a great New Year x

  3. Happy New Year! Great list of things and I look forward to hearing all about your wedding! Number 15 I'd like to do more of as well - I have lots of recipe books and most of them I've only cooked a handful of things from. Number 14 I tried to do something similar all last year - I never used to wear lipstick much so I tried to wear brighter colours all year round, I'm definitely getting a bit more used to it but sometimes it still feels a bit weird! :-) xx

    1. Happy New Year! I'm really looking forward to writing all about my wedding as I actually manage to plan more things and make stuff like the centrepieces.
      I love that you've already sort of managed to do the lip colour thing, it means that it is possible! x

  4. Happy New Year! It sounds like your 2015 is going to be a lot of fun :) I can't believe you only posted 69 times last year- it feels like I read loads more of your posts than that (in a good way!). I hope you achieve everything you want to this year xxx

    1. Haha, thank-you! That means that I actually wrote kind of good stuff, which makes me really happy :-) Happy New Year x

  5. Such a fab list! I want to do the same with books as well and I am aiming for 40 this year. Red lips are definitely hard to get into, but there are some classics out there - I prefer using a red pencil or chubby stick as they are easy to apply. I hope you have an amazing 2015! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

    1. 40 is quite a few, good luck with that! I'll have to give chubby sticks a go, I've heard so much good stuff about them. Happy New Year to you too! x


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