Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Secret Santa Gift Ideas 2014

I don't know about you, but I love a secret Santa. The opportunity to buy someone something small and usually a bit funny or cheeky, without necessarily having to own up to it, is one that doesn't come along all that often. It's also a great way to save money buying everyone presents, and works fantastically in places like offices. It can be a bit hard to come up with new and unique gift ideas though, and that's where this gift guide comes in. All of the presents are between £5 and £10, the usual budget for a secret Santa gift, and all are something a bit different. They also work as stocking fillers, or just part of bigger presents for everyone else!

1. Giant Microbes - £7.95

Herpes Giant Microbe

These are plush toy microbes, which come in a variety of ailments such as the flu, the common cold, ebola, chlamidya and herpes, as shown above (how cute!). Is it just me who would find it funny to give someone a common cold as their secret Santa gift? Perfect for the office germ-phobe, or someone who is always ill.

2. Penis Pokey - £5.59

Penis Pokey Book
Yep, that is a hole in the middle of the book, and yep, you do put it in there. This book has cardboard pages, all with a hole in the middle, and various images around the edge. My personal favourites are the bucking broncho, the fisherman's hook and the alien's face pages. It is a really funny gift, perfect for the office lad, or for someone with a very good sense of humour.

3. Listography - £8.39

Listography Book
I love lists, I make them for everything, shopping, to do, bucket lists, absolutely everything and anything can be made into a list. This book has list titles on each page which you can fill in at your leisure. I have the future version of this and it is amazing, and this is definitely one for the really organised person in your life.

4. Garlic Zoom - £9.99

Garlic Zoom
Rich bought me one of these the first Christmas we were together, and oh my, it is a life changer. You peel your garlic cloves and place them in the top of the zoom, close the lid, roll it along your worktop and it cuts the garlic super fine, with very little effort. Then open the lid and chuck your garlic into the pan. Much less fiddly than trying to chop yourself, and much less strength needed than using a garlic press. Get one for the chef of the office, or for the person who's only just moved out of their parents house. They will thank you.

5. Mince Pie Popcorn - £6.99

Joe & Seph's Mince Pie Popcorn
I love Joe & Seph's pocorn, which I discovered at BBC Good Food Cakes and Bakes Show this year. They do this mince pie version, and it really does taste like mince pies! This is a great quirky food gift idea for the person who likes to try new things. Joe & Seph's also do other flavours of popcorn, like strawberry cheesecake, caramel with lemon and poppyseed, and savoury ones such as curry flavour! 

I hope this little gift guide has given you some inspiration for what to buy for your secret Santa present this year, or for some other gift ideas. I'll be back on Friday with a book review, so I'll see you then!

Rachel x

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