Friday, 5 December 2014

How Has Blogging Changed Me?

Whilst I was driving home from work the other day I was thinking about this blog, and how much I enjoy writing it, and couldn't remember what I did with all of my time when I didn't write down all of my random thoughts on the internet. It lead me to ponder how blogging has changed me, because I definitely am a different person to who I was two years ago, but how much can I attribute to this internet culture, and how much to general growing up?

Most significantly, I am way more interested in make-up than I ever have been before. I wrote a post back in February about how I don't wear make-up, but since then I have begun to experiment more and more. I still don't wear much make-up on a regular basis - usually just mascara to work - and am perfectly comfortable going out without a stitch of make-up on, but it is interesting me more than ever. Before I got really into blogs (and YouTube) I was far too scared to even try and do most things with make-up for fear of looking silly, but by watching videos and reading posts, it has given me the confidence to try things out more, and I don't think it looks bad when I do? This is a positive change, as it has given me the confidence to try things that I have always wanted to, even if my bank balance doesn't always agree!

I take a lot more photos when I am out and about now. Owning my DSLR has helped with this as it is such a beautiful camera I always want to play with it, but when I go to events such as the BBC Good Food Cakes & Bakes Show I take far more photos than I ever have in the past, as it makes for a good blog post. I think my photography has definitely improved since starting The Inelegant Wench, and I think about things like lighting and composition now, which I never would have though of before.

The blogging community is a very supportive community, and although the bitching and the gossiping do exist, I have found that they only exist for the big bloggers, and us littlies are pretty much immune from it. This has meant that I have become much more honest about my life on the internet, posting such baldy honest posts such as life after deployment and about not having many friends. These posts have received no backlash, and it always feels good to get the feelings out of myself and onto paper (or screen). Considering most people only talk about and show the best bits of themselves on the internet, taking 10 selfies to post just one, I am glad that I can be honest that my life isn't always perfect, and everyone respects that.

On the flipside to the previous statement, I am far more critical of my skills than I used to be, especially my writing and creativity. There are some amazingly talented bloggers out there, and I am constantly wishing I could write as well as them, or make my photographs look as good as they do. I am also now aware of my complete lack of skill at taking selfies. Some people can do them, my face really can't! These are all things which I was perfectly happy with before I started blogging, but being aware of the amazingness of most people has made my confidence in those areas drop. To put a positive spin on it though, I now work really hard at my writing and photography, and from reading the bloggers first posts, I can see that they weren't always such eloquent writers either. Selfies I've just given up on, as there is no hope!

That's 4 of the ways in which blogging has changed me. I'm sure there are more ways, but they're the biggies. I'm pleased that it has mostly improved me, and I hope it continues to do so for many years to come!

Rachel x


  1. I was totally the same re make up, before I started blogging I had like a mascara and a lipstick and now I have a giant box drawer full of stuff!! I always wonder what I did before blogging as it takes up so much of my time now - but I am glad that it is something I enjoy and I have something to show for it rather than just watching more TV!! xx

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

    1. I'm so glad I'm not the only one! I agree with you about preferring blogging to watching TV. That's all that most people our age seem to do, but I'm glad I get a lot more out of my hobby than just square eyes! x

  2. Really interesting post, it's very enlightening to think about how blogging can change a person!
    Hannah x


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