Thursday, 18 September 2014

Ultimate Harry Potter Fan

As soon as I saw the tweet saying that Florida4Less were running a competition to find the Ultimate Harry Potter Fan (thanks goes to Kel from Adventures in Tea and Cake for giving me the heads up about it!) I was all over it before you could say "Hufflepuff".

I've been wanting to write a post for a very long time professing my love for Harry Potter, but have struggled to figure out a way to put it into words without me getting so excited that I cease to make sense, as this is what usually happens when I try to talk about something I'm passionate about. So here is my attempt to tell you all why I am such a ridiculous Potter fan, in the best format of all, a list!

Girl reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
  1. I am basically Hermione. When I first read Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone, I was 9 years old, and a complete know-it-all clever clogs with brown bushy hair who was top of the class and struggling to make friends. The Hermione of the first few books basically. I had never identified with a book character so strongly as I did with her, and I longed to have the friendship she has with Harry and Ron. As she grew up, so did I, and began to acknowledge that there may be more important things in life than grades (sorry Mum).
  2. I have dreamed several times about using a pensive. Including the exact hook behind the naval jerk that JK Rowling describes in the books. Admittedly I don't usually go anywhere as cool as Harry goes in the books, but they have been some of my favourite, and most random, dreams.

  3. I had a Harry Potter Birthday Party last year. All organised by myself, because I wanted a chance to dress up with all of my friends and pretend to be Hermione for the night, and decorate my house to be like Hogwarts. It was amazing, and one of my best birthdays ever.
  4. When I was in my initial throes of fandom, I would sit inside the library at school, devouring the books over and over again, never getting remotely bored or fed up of the story. One of my best friends at the time said that Harry Potter was crap, and we didn't speak again for 2 years. Yes, really. We did make up after that time though, when she conceded that Harry Potter wasn't so crap after all. You don't like Harry Potter? You are no friend of mine!

    Stack of three Harry Potter Books
  5. My ultimate dream in life is to visit America, more specifically, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando. Being able to see so much of the films and books in person and walk through Diagon Alley, go into Honeydukes and eat at the Three Broomsticks would be a dream come true for me. I don't think I'd ever want to leave. Hopefully as a part of our honeymoon I will get to visit, and if I do, I may explode from excitement!
  6. Harry Potter clothing is my new weakness in life. It all started with the Primark tshirts, but has now spread to other tshirts, an amazing bracelet which Rich got me for my birthday, and will hopefully stretch to a phone case for Christmas (hint hint Rich!).

    Stood in front of the Knight Bus
  7. My slightly ridiculous commute to work is made a million times more bearable by listening to Stephen Fry do all the voices on the Harry Potter audio books. Listening to the books has made me notice things I never have before when reading, and it has added a new depth to my knowledge of the world of Harry Potter. I have to be careful about listening to the second half of Deathly Hallows though because it always makes me cry when all of the teachers begin to protect Hogwarts. Without fail.
  8. When I was 16, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was released during my school summer holidays. The day it was released I foolishly thought I wouldn't need suncream for lying about in the park with my friends all afternoon, because I wouldn't get burnt. I did. Badly. It was such a bad sunburn that it was throbbing by the time 11pm rolled around, and attempting to cover it made it feel as though I had set fire to myself. However, nothing was going to stop me from going to the midnight launch of the new Harry Potter, so I put clothes on and queued for the book which was going to be my every waking moment for the next 24 hours. If that doesn't show dedication I don't know what does!

    Homemade Gryffindor Notice Board
  9. One of my favourite pastimes is to watch the Harry Potter movies and pick them apart, bit by bit, comparing them to the books. This drives nearly everyone else I know bonkers, but it's the fun for me. Luckily my friend Emma enjoys it almost as much as I do, so we have recently watched all of the movies as a weekly dinner date, doing exactly this, with our wands in hand. Naturally.
  10. I am getting married next year, and there will most certainly be more than a few Harry Potter elements to the day. The castle we are getting married in may possibly have been chosen due to its Hogwarts-esque vibe, and as we are getting married in winter, it will help to add to the general feel of the day. I wonder if Rich will agree to having a Harry Potter reading, and a Hedwig flying our rings to us? Hmm...

So those are my top 10 reasons why I am the Ultimate Harry Potter Fan, and if those haven't convinced you, then just mention Harry Potter to me if you meet me and I will talk your ear off some more about why I love the best 7 books in the world!

Rachel xx

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