Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Best Goody Bag Products

I am a very very lucky blogger and have been to a lot of meetups and events this summer where I was very fortunate to receive goody bags. After rummaging through them and trying lots of the products out, I finally feel like I can share with you my amazing finds from the depths of the bags - the things I am telling everyone about.


This stuff is amazing. If you can feel a spot coming, or if it has already peeked its head out to say hello, dab this on with a cotton wool ball twice a day for a few days and the spot will completely vanish without ever needing to be popped. Every spot treatment I have had in the past will accelerate the spot to the head stage, at which point I can pop it, but this gets rid of it without ever having to be naughty! Brilliant stuff.

Navy Spotted Sunglasses

These were found in my Country Attire goody bag from #BlogYorkshire and look at how cute they are! I was in desperate need for some new sunglasses the day I got these, as my last pair decided to pop a lens out of the frame as I tried to put them on, so these were well timed and  very cool. I have received a lot of compliments about them, and I just wish that I knew what the brand was so I could tell people!

ESPA Essentials Collection

ESPA stuff
The ESPA ladies were at both the #BlogYorkshire and the #LeedsMayMeet events, but I have only recently got around to using the skincare products they gave us. All I can say is that you can really tell the difference between expensive skincare products and cheap ones! I have been a steady user of whatever face wash and moisturiser is cheapest in the supermarkets, but these products have made me realise I may need to start looking at quality skincare. The ESPA products smell amazing, I have been complimented on smelling nice by a few people after using it, and my face has never had such a glow or been so well behaved. I am a convert!

Oriflame The One Volume Blast Mascara

Oriflame The One Mascara
I have already wittered on about this enough in my August Favourites post, so I will just refer you back to that one. It is a fantastic mascara though, so go buy it!

In a blog event goody bag you can get a lot of products, but not all of them are worth recommending. I am not the sort of blogger to rave about something just because I got it for free, so although I didn't part with my own money for any of these things, I hope you realise that I do genuinely like and use these products, which is why I'm sharing them with you.

Rachel xx


  1. what lovely gifts- you lucky thing! Those sunnies are simply splendid xxx

  2. I've heard Skinetica is really good, I might have to get it as I have some serious beasts at the moment on my face haha!

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