Saturday, 23 August 2014

Blogging and Life

Rachel Long Exposure Night Photography

So, I've been a bit missing around these parts of late, haven't I?

I've already explained why June went mental, I did kind of reappear a bit during July, but then I've been thoroughly AWOL during August again.

I'm not going to apologise for it, because at times I have to take a step back from my blog and my internet life, just to be able to keep going. Recently, there has been a few posts from big bloggers talking about how blogging takes over everything, and to keep one up whilst working full time being an impressive feat. Well, I work full time, and have over an hours commute each way (in a car unfortunately or I could blog then!), and like to eat, sleep and live in a clean house. Managing to function and look after myself properly is difficult enough in a week, and as work has gotten crazy stressful recently has meant that my brain basically shuts down when I walk in the door at 5:45 every evening.

Rich has been off work this month though, so as he has been super amazing and doing the majority of the housework (apart from the laundry, which I bizarrely really enjoy doing?!) I have managed to whittle down my to do list to a sensible level and hopefully I can return to blogging again!

I will never be a consistent blogger, but I promise you that every post you get from me will have had plenty of time and effort put into it, and I will keep coming back to you. I love each and every one of the 78 of you for not giving up on me, if I could give you all some cake I would.

Rachel xx

PS - how cool is that photo?! I was messing around tonight with long exposure photography and it was so much fun! My garden is also a lot more photogenic at night time it appears.



  1. Awesome photo! How sweet of Rich for doing the housework too!

    I agree there's no need to apologise - I blog sporadically as and when I feel inspired and only when I'm not too busy with life to sit down and write on the internet. Quality definitely beats quantity in my opinion :) I hope your work gets less stressful and busy soon! xxx

  2. That photo is bodacious!
    As one of the 78, I can safely say that your face is missed but being a functional, clean adult with a brain that works is infinitely more important!
    Look after yourself amidst all the busy.
    M x


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