Tuesday, 8 July 2014

So June went a bit crazy...

So, June was a very very busy month for me (and yes I know it's now a week into July, but this is what I'm on about!). I last posted about the Leeds May Meet which seems forever ago as so much has happened since then. I'm going to attempt to update you all with pictures, but they are mostly ones from my phone so you'll have to forgive quality!

I went to a hen do dressed as a pirate. It was the hen do of one of my best friends who is an English teacher, so naturally we all dressed up as literary characters. I wound up being maybe Captain Hook (without a hook) or Long John Silver? I figured there were enough pirates in books for me to fit in somewhere with this amazing outfit I borrowed from a girl at work. Yes - I did sit at work dressed as a pirate for a day when I was lent the costume, it was brilliant.

When my wonderful friend Emma asked if I would like to go to life drawing with her, I immediately said yes. Not because I'm amazing at art (as the picture above clearly demonstrates) but because I am always up for new experiences and trying new things. It was surprisingly really good fun, and I was far less rubbish than I thought I would be. If you ever get the chance to go to a class, go!

Rich came home quite soon into June, and I was so so glad. I will do a proper post about this in the next week or so, but he was safe and sound, and he doesn't go away again for a very long time, so we are getting used to having each other around again permanently - it's brilliant! Rich coming home is the main reason my blog got a bit neglected last month, I know, I know, blogs before hogs, but I'm making up for it now I hope.

It is mine and my Dad's birthday very close together in June, and Father's Day happens at around the same time as well so we went out for a lovely family meal with just the 4 of us which was nice, that there is my main course in the picture, cod and black pudding. It was an unusual combination, but was really tasty - my mouth is watering just thinking about it!

I had a HARRY POTTER BIRTHDAY PARTY this year. Yes I did. I will do a dedicated post to this soon, I promise. I decorated the house as Hogwarts, had vaguely themed food and everyone got really into dressing up for it. It was amazing.

To round off an amazing month nicely, myself and Rich jetted off to Rhodes for a week, as our first ever holiday abroad together, and the first time I'd been abroad in 7 years. It was a brilliant week of exploring, relaxing, sweating (it was about 30 degrees every day out there) and eating a lot of good food. Again, a proper post will follow about the holiday!

So that was my month in a nutshell, I hope you can understand why I disappeared a bit, as I had all of that going on, as well as still working a lot! I am back with a vengeance now, and going to an amazing blogger meet on Saturday, so there will be an awful lot of new posts for me to write up, and lots of new things for you lovely followers to read. Thank you for sticking around for so long, I love each and every last one of you!

Rachel xx


  1. Crazy small world but we have a mutual friend :D Saw a piccie of you on Jen's FB page and thought it was you but wasn't 100% sure! Mad eh?

    Chloe x

  2. Your silence is definitely understandable - sounds like June was excellent and looking forward to hearing more about your holiday and your birthday :) xxx

  3. Oh, so glad he is home safe and sound! Don't worry about your absence, I totally understand! x


  4. Oh, but blogs will always be there when you have a break from the living part of life. And to be honest, the living part is what gives you things to write about..


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