Sunday, 1 June 2014

Sunday Confessional XI

I have talked before about how I have never seen Disney films or films everyone has seen so I thought today I'd talk about a film I have seen. I have seen it a lot, in fact, I wore out the first copy of it I had on VHS and my little sister and I know every word and most of the dance routines and cheers from it... 

Bring It On is one of the greatest films ever!

It all started when I was 11 years old and a new friend I made at school asked me if I wanted to go to the cinema with her and her Mum one Friday night. I was understandably up for it, and we went to the local Odeon and had the whole screen to ourselves to watch this majestic film. I felt so grown up as I was watching a 12 rated movie when I was 11. Ssh! Don't tell on me!

The mixture of cheers, dance routines, love story and a happy ending is my perfect recipe for a film, and I loved every minute of it. I wanted to be Missy in the Toros as she had cool hair and was a bit alternative, everything I wanted to be when I was 11. I watched the film so often I could (and probably still can if I try) speak the lines along with the cast, as well as knowing the entirety of the opening cheer sequence with the routine modified for 2 people. I was so damn cool. 

The first sequel is pretty good as well, more of a story to it than the first film, and was a bit more grown up. The other sequels have gotten more and more ridiculous and bad, but I still watch them all and I love that they are on Netflix for my guilty pleasure Sunday night watching!

Have you ever seen any Bring It On movies? Please tell me that I'm not alone!

Rachel x


  1. I've never seen this film but I'd love to see it. I quite like upbeat dance movies. I also didn't realise that this movie had sequels, I assumed they'd left it after the first film.

  2. I *LOVE* Bring It On, it's one of my favourites. Never watched any of the sequels though.

  3. I have seen it, and it's definitely a feel good film! I know it's not quite the same (because it's singing, not dancing) but Pitch Perfect is a very similar movie style if you haven't seen it :) xxx


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