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In the last couple of months my Twitter addiction has developed, and as a result I began to notice a lot of chat about #LeedsMayMeet. After asking about it and if there were spaces I was told it was full but I could go on the waiting list for if people dropped out, so I agreed thinking I would be so far down the list that I'd never get a place.

Fast forward many weeks and the build up was getting intense, I was trying not to look at all the threads and discussions about it because I was so jealous of all of the lucky people who could go, and I didn't want to rub it in for myself. I made plans for that weekend and thought that it would be it, and I should keep my fingers crossed that if there was another one in the future I'd be lucky enough to get a place.

THEN! On Friday whilst on a break at work, I got a direct twitter message from Hayley asking me if I wanted to fill in a space as someone couldn't make it. Luckily my plans had fallen through a few days earlier, so although I was disappointed about that, I was so excited about actually getting to go to the famed #LeedsMayMeet, I immediately tweeted back a yes, and swiftly began reading the hashtag and everything else I had avoided!

I met up with some of the lovely ladies at the train station and we headed over to Baracoa Luxe Bar which is handily very near the train station and very swish inside. Many people had baked for the meet, so there was more cake than you can imagine being placed around the venue, I was having to restrain myself from drooling over everything. I wish I could have baked too, but as I found out so late, my attempt looked like a 5 year old's so I cheated and went to M&S on the way - ssh!

The legendary Malteser Tiffin brought by Kellie, who kindly posted the recipe on her blog - link
After getting a drink and the cameras out, we began to chat to some of the brands who had popped down to see us, as well as mingling with each other, which was brilliant as I began to get to know the exceptionally lovely bloggers in Leeds. I tweeted this the other day, but I have never known such a genuinely great group of ladies, and so welcoming too! 

The first person I spoke to was Jordan from Cohorted. I may or may not have been lured over by the amazing looking cupcakes they had on their table! Cohorted is basically a group buying platform, where the more people that buy a product, the lower the price gets. It's a brilliant idea, and I will be checking it out in order to help expand my pitiful makeup collection. 

Next up were the lovely ladies from Uncommon Nonsense who were showcasing some of their gorgeous dresses. Prices start from £45, but they're doing 30% off until Wednesday 11th with the code UNbirthday - making them a complete bargain considering you get bespoke service. Perfect for a tall girl like myself, as it means I can request a bit of extra length, so I can start wearing these amazing dresses to work without worrying about showing too much leg! The teapot one looked so good to Beth that she had to try it on there and then, and I took a picture because that's what bloggers do.

It really suits her doesn't it! Go tell her she needs to buy it, now!

Eve Taylor had a stand, and an almost constant huddle of bloggers around it throughout the event. I heard amazing things about the hand massages which were given out but I wasn't lucky enough to get one myself. All of the products which were tested and tried out smelt fantastic, and it's only since looking up the company that I have discovered all of the products use aromatherapy oils. No wonder that everyone smelt so good after visiting the stand!

Did you know that Lush do parties?! Not like cringey Ann Summers ones, actual ones in their stores? Neither did I until I got chatting to the Lush ladies. They sound amazing, and I kind of want to do one for my birthday now, getting to run riot around a Lush store after closing and playing with their products, yes please! They had brought with them a kit for making the Butterball bath bomb and it was brilliant to see exactly what the process is of making one of their famous bath bombs. I was only a little disappointed when I saw that they basically mix a load of different stuff together in a bowl and scoop it into a mould, in which it stays for 24 hours. I don't know what I expected, but I definitely thought that magic was involved. I now have my very own handmade by me butterball waiting by my bath though for use, unfortunately without my face on one of the stickers saying "Handmade by Rachel" but I still can't wait to use it!

Next, we headed over to the Espa table, where our skincare needs were assessed by sniffing two different scents. Whichever smelt the best to us was the one signifying what our skin required. My skin has recently gone back to it's teenager ways of being very combination, so I wasn't surprised when that was the scent I identified with most. We were then handed a goody bag with the products in which will be most suited to our skin. I can't wait to give it all a good try once I've finished off my current facewash, I can't stand to have multiple of the same thing open at one time but when I do try it all out I'll post up a proper review on here. 

I don't have a photo for the last brand, so have a photo of the mouth watering banana bread made by Caitlin instead. 
Rock Pamper Scissors seems to be the answer to my Sunday confession I posted a while back about not having a hair cut in over a year. When I moved to Leeds I had a nightmare trying to find a place to get my hair cut because I had no idea where was good and where wasn't. Rock Pamper Scissors allow you to book haircuts online, big bonus when you hate phone calls as much as I do, and they have reviews including pictures of local salons in Leeds. They have big plans for the future as well so keep an eye out for them!

As this post is very long (possibly my longest ever?) I'll leave delving into the goody bags for another post, hopefully soon!

Rachel xx



  1. Those photos are fab! It was lovely to meet you. Glad you got the last minute cancellation!

  2. Fab to see you again - I too am glad you got a place! :)

  3. All that food looks amazing! So yummy! I'm glad you had fun :) xx

  4. Lush does parties?!?! I MUST GO I ADORE lush

  5. Oh wow- this looks so much fun! So pleased you got to go - and I'm definitely checking out those dresses (and the discount code!) as a fellow lanky lass! xxx

  6. I'm so glad you got the cancellation! How lucky =) It was lovely to meet you.

    Corinne x

  7. It looks and sounds like a great day was had!

    X Hayley-Eszti |


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