Tuesday, 13 May 2014

How a butter knife got me out of a locked bathroom and other stories...

At a friends house this weekend I went to the bathroom. Not the most exciting of story beginnings, but it gets better, I promise.

The bathroom door handle had been playing up all night, needing a proper wrenching to get it to open, so when I tried to get out and the door handle wouldn't move the sticky outy bit (amazing description from me, I mean the bit which goes into the door frame and moves when you move the handle, if that helps you picture it?) I thought I was just being weak. I gave it a few more wiggles and it wasn't moving at all. Oh dear. I was officially stuck in the bathroom.

Luckily, it was a downstairs bathroom in a terraced house, so when one of the girls went to the kitchen to get some water for bed - it was 1am at this point - I managed to shout to her that I was stuck. After having to promise that the lock wasn't across the door, preventing it from opening, we began to really panic. Jen and Cat got the tools out and tried to unscrew the door handle, but they didn't have the right size screwdriver, and it was really stiff as the door handle had probably been there as long as the door had - a long time.

When it became evident that unscrewing the door handle wasn't going to work, they began to try and bash the door down. This always looks really easy in the movies, just one good shove and you're into almost any room. Yet another movie lie, as the door didn't open after 4 tries. I could see the pointy bit though in the door frame, so I shouted for a knife, which was passed through the bathroom window.

I pushed it into the door frame, and after a lot of wiggling, and leaning, and bending the butter knife (who knew I was that strong?!) I was free! A lot of celebrating was done and we were all very grateful that we didn't have to either ring the fire brigade to come and rescue me, especially as we were in pyjamas at the time, or that it had happened when Jen was in on her own. Would have been awful if she'd have gotten stuck without her phone and had to climb out of the bathroom window or something!

So that's the tale of how a butter knife got me out of a locked bathroom. Something amazing did come from the evening though, I learned how to make book page flowers. Jen is getting married this summer and as she is an English teacher she is incorporating book page flowers into the bouquets and flower arrangements. Me and Cat got roped into helping craft them, very willingly, and here is one that I made. Aren't they amazing! Not as hard as they look either!

In other blog news, I have been advertising over on The Life of Bon this month and been seeing a lot more hits from it. Hello if you've found me from over there! I am also having a guest post published on Nine Grand Student on Saturday all about my university experience. Spoiler - I dropped out!

I've got a very fun weekend planned, I'm going to my first ever blog event on Saturday, which I am very nervous about, and my Grandparents, Dad and Sister are coming to visit on Sunday as my Grandparents have never seen my house. Lots of excitement and things to look forward to, which is just how I like it as it helps the weeks to go quicker until Rich comes home again!

Rachel xx


  1. Hello! I've just found your blog via Louisa at Duck in a Dress, and I'm loving it so far. Glad to hear that your bathroom trauma wasn't as bad as it could have been (although would burly fireman turning up really have been so bad?!). I had a similar experience in my first boyfriend's house and managed to wrench the whole door off on my own. He didn't know that I'd been trapped, so thought I'd just decided to trash his house... It didn't last long. Looking forward to reading more of your blog!
    Katie xxx

  2. Oh, I love those flowers! Tutorial post?
    I once got stuck in a bathroom, at some friends' of my ex's parents. We were staying there for a night before getting an early plane the next day and I'd never met them before - it was soooo embarrassing.


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