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2014 Blogger Challenge: 10 Festival Tips

Okay. So I kind of skipped the last Blogger Challenge post. It was supposed to be a spring outfit of the day, but as I am so not a fashion blogger, and my chief photographer hotfooted it back to Afghanistan without taking a full length picture of the wedding outfit I had chosen for the post (you can kind of see what I wore in that link though), I kind of skipped it. Sssh don't tell anyone!

This next blogger challenge post is to be about music. I have never done a music post about a band before, only one about seeing Two Door Cinema Club live about this time last year actually! I don't like to read posts about bands myself, as it usually requires you watching YouTube videos, which I can never be bothered to do.

So instead I have decided to write 10 Festival going tips. I have been to a fair few music festivals now, and have learnt a few things along the way, so in the hope it might make somebodies life a bit easier, let me list my top tips!

Download 2009.
  1. Always take wellies. Always. Even if the weather for the weekend says bright sunshine, you can guarantee that if you don't take your wellies, there will be a huge downpour and you will be trying to buy wellies from the festival for a crazy amount of money. Wellies look good and are surprisingly comfy for standing in all day anyway, so be sensible.
  2. Leading on from tip 1, take suncream and a pac-a-mac. Be prepared for all eventualities, and a pac a mac can also be really handy for sitting on if the ground is a little damp, as you won't get a wet bum. Sun cream is insanely expensive to buy at a festival, as are most things really, so make sure you take plenty for the whole time you're there, and go for a higher factor than usual as you'll forget to apply it as often as you should.
  3. Packet rice and curry will make one of the best meals you have ever had. Take a microwave pack of rice (which will be fine to eat heated up in a pan) and a tin or non-refrigerated microwave curry and mix them together in a pan and heat up. Everyone around you will be very jealous of the amazing smells coming from your cooker!
  4. Even though they seem really expensive, buy a festival lanyard. They're usually around £10, but they will mean you will always know when the next band is on, and you won't miss any of your favourites. It also helps to start some conversations with people around you, as you will inevitably get asked a fair few times what time a band is on during the weekend. And it's the perfect accessory!
  5. Tights are a girls best friend. My standard festival outfit is wellies (see step 1), tights, shorts and a cool t shirt (t shirts mean that you don't have to suncream your shoulders or shave your armpits!). If it's cold I can add knee high socks and a hoodie without having to take a whole new outfit. The benefit of wearing tights? You don't have to worry about leg stubble, and if you get mud splattered up your legs, you can just change your tights and look and feel clean in one fell swoop!
  6. Download 2013.
  7. Tortilla wraps mean you don't have to wash up. I always take a pack of them with me and line every bowl I eat out of with one. That means when you're done eating your curry (tip 3), baked beans, chilli etc, you eat the wrap and you only have to give your bowl a quick wipe around before it is clean again to be used! Yummy and functional.
  8. Boys don't have to worry about this so much, but sort out a toilet survival kit before you go. You should always take baby wipes, loo roll and hand sanitiser with you, because there usually wont be any loo roll or hand sanitiser in the portaloo, and the baby wipes come in handy to clean the seat up when necessary. I'm not going to go into detail about what may need to be cleaned, but let me tell you, you will see things.
  9. Playing cards are something very small which will bring about great joy! There will be many a time when you're hanging around for something or other, and having a deck of cards to crack out will mean you will never be bored. It's a very rare thing these days to have a group of people in one place who aren't involved in some electrical pursuit in phones, TV etc, so make the most of it and have a good game of cheat, shed or rummy!
  10. Buy a naff festival phone. There is nothing more irritating in the world than trying to get hold of someone who you've been separated from and not being able to get hold of them because their iPhone has died. Take a naff phone, as the battery life will last the whole time no matter how often you use it, and it will be far less nickable so you won't worry about losing it whilst dancing. They're usually about £15 from somewhere like Argos and will make your life so much easier. You can live without Facebook and Twitter for a weekend, and being absent will only make you seem so much cooler when you tell your festival tales.
  11. Really really try to not camp next to a path or the toilets. Camping next to a path means you will have noise pretty much 24/7 and this gets really old whilst you're trying to sleep at 4am! You also run the risk of someone falling on your head whilst you're alseep as tents aren't the most protective housing. This actually happened to me at V Festival in 2007. It hurts!
I hope this has been useful to at least some people! I don't think I'm going to a festival this year, which is a shame but saving for a wedding means some things have to be put on hold.

Are you going to a festival this year? Any tips I've missed?

Rachel xx


  1. I agree with all of the above, especially number 5! I go to Glastonbury every year (I work in the village) and practically live in tights, skirts and wellies. Although I do cheat a bit beacuse my house is only a 20 min drive away so I don't very often stay on site! :-) x

  2. I've never actually been lucky enough to go to a music festival. Hopefully one day soon, I can change that but all of your advice sounds good and I'll have to remember it if I ever go to one.

    Congrats on the wedding by the way!


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