Tuesday, 1 April 2014

YA Book Love: Guitar Girl by Sarra Manning

I own a lot of young adult (YA) fiction, and I spent most of my teenage years going to the local library every two weeks and getting 8 YA books out, devouring them all before the next visit. I thought I'd share some of my collection with you, and make some recommendations from my favourites.

First up is Guitar Girl by Sarra Manning. This is one of a set of four Bite books I got from a book people type catalouge years and years ago. Bite fiction always deals with some tougher subjects, and deals with sex and love as a part of their books, so definitely more of an older teenager YA book.

Guitar Girl tells the story of seventeen year old Molly, who starts a band with her two best friends, which was just meant to be a laugh. They write songs about Hello Kitty and their life in general, not taking things too seriously and just having fun. Then Dean and T come along, join the band, and begin to take things far further than Molly ever really wanted. 

The band get signed, and go on tour, where things start to unravel as things don't turn out as Molly expects. There are some truly tender moments in this book, and when Molly loses her virginity it is in a very real way, and you become truly invested in her as a character, feeling all her emotions all the way through.

It is a brilliant book to show the darker side of fame in a very accessible way, and I recommend it for teenagers, and 20 somethings who like to dip back into YA books every now and again, like myself. A very easy read, you'll finish it in no time, but you'll feel as though you've been on a roller-coaster ride with Molly all the way through.

Do let me know if you've read this book before, and if you have any other YA book suggestions for me, I love finding new books to read which aren't too serious!

Rachel xx

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