Saturday, 19 April 2014

Nice Day for a White Wedding

I'm ba-ack!

Sorry for just upping and leaving without a word, but Rich came home for his 2 weeks R&R, and I've kind of been off in a little bubble of happiness since then. I didn't want to post on here about him coming home because of OpSec (basically, don't tell people things because you never know who is listening!) and I really really want him to come home safe! He is back out there now though doing his final stint, luckily not for as long as last time as 4 and a half months was insane. I'll be doing a proper post about him coming home soon, but it was magical and I'm very sad it's all over!

Last weekend two of Rich's (and now my!) best friends got married, Rich was so pleased he was back for it, and it was a beautiful day, nice and sunny, if a bit breezy down on the south coast!

The bride and bridesmaids all had wedding pants with bride and bridesmaids written on their bums, so naturally they all wore them over their pyjamas!
The night before the wedding myself, the bride and the bridesmaids all spent the evening together painting nails, practicing hair styles and drinking Asti. It was a really nice relaxed way to spend the night before the wedding, and we had a lot of fun! I was pleased I brought my camera with me as it meant I got to document a part of the wedding festivities the official photographer didn't get to see!

The bride looked stunning, Sarah is really pretty anyway, so with the professional hair and makeup she looked incredible! Jimmy scrubbed up well in his suit with tails, looked very smart and I think I would like similar suits for my wedding. I love how they aren't black, but they're still nice, dark and smart. 

This is the best picture of what I was wearing. I did task Rich with getting an outfit post of me, but with the distractions of the day it was swiftly forgotten. Bad blogger! The dress was from Monsoon - link - and the fascinator and most gorgeous grey lace clutch bag, which I don't have a picture of unfortunately, were from an independent shop near my parents. I had grey/nude New Look heels to begin with which I switched for nude ballet pumps later on when my feet began to hurt. 

The bridesmaids all looked stunning as well in their floor length strapless gowns, and Emma (second from right) is a hair genius because she did all the other girls hair for the day!

The reception was held in a lovely marquee with huge windows so we could see the sea, and the decoration was very relaxed and simple, and reflected the bride and grooms taste perfectly. All of the daffodils were grown by the bride's uncle, and were so pretty! I may have been given permission to swipe one of the stuffed hearts hanging on the back of the chairs too, which will be being hung in my guest bedroom on the door handle I think.

Proof that Rich was there too! All of the place settings had stick on moustaches by them, so much fun was had sticking them on. Is it wrong that I still fancy Rich with all that wonderous gingerness going on? 

Much eating, drinking, dancing and laughing happened in the evening, but not many photos were taken, as too much fun was had. We eventually ended up back at the bride and grooms house where we stayed for the night with another couple who had come down from "Up North". We woke up bleary eyed and sore footed the next day, and proceeded to thoroughly decorate their house! My parents used to do that to their friends and families houses on their wedding nights, and I thought it was a tradition worth continuing.

Just one small part of the fun we had decorating the house! There is 50 balloons in there, the shower cubicle was bigger than we thought!
As I'm fairly sure the bride and groom don't read this blog, I can tell you everything that we got up to, as I'm not sure what they have and haven't found yet. We filled the shower cubicle with balloons as you can see above, and wrote on the glass and mirrors with red lipstick. We put confetti into every pocket and drawer we could find, including their honeymoon packing! We silly stringed their kitchen equipment, and squirted washing up liquid into the toilet cistern so when they flushed the loo it would get bubbly. The worst/best thing of all was that we tore all the labels off their tinned food, so when they come home from honeymoon, they will be having to play russian roulette with their tin opener! 

It was a brilliant wedding, and made me even more excited for when me and Rich get married next year! Sorry for the photo heavy post, but I love looking at wedding photos and I thought you might have liked a nosy too?

Rachel xx

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  1. I LOVE a good wedding so really enjoyed this post! I love your dress, it's so pretty and the bride looks gorgeous!

    Those pranks are so naughty .. they'll be after you when they get home and don't know what they're eating!

    Chloe x


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