Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Holiday Wishlist

Me and Rich have booked our first ever abroad holiday together whilst he's been home (cue excited squeals!). Neither of us have been abroad in 7 years, and both of us last went on holiday with exes, so we're very very excited to be going on holiday together this summer. Going on adventures together is one of our favourite things to do, and being able to explore an entirely new country is going to be amazing.

The main perk of not having been on holiday in 7 years is that I need an entirely new holiday wardrobe! I only own one swimming costume which is a very boring basic black bikini, and I don't think I actually own any flip flops at all.

I thought I'd make a nice holiday wishlist, partly because I'm very excited, and partly because I walked down the holiday aisle in the George section of Asda the other night and had the moment of realisation and panic!

Green H&M Bikini - £19.98 (Top and Bottoms sold separately)
I love this bikini, the colour is dark enough to be comforting, and without being black. I don't like string sided bikini bottoms because if you have any extra padding there, it just digs in and causes you to look bigger than you are, so these knicker style bottoms are much more flattering.

Animal Flip Flops - £14
I have found in the past that flip flops are worth spending that little bit extra on. Really cheap plastic ones are a nightmare to spend more than 5 seconds in, and especially on a beach the sand just gets inside them and rubs you to death. These ones from Animal look lovely, and should be comfy enough for walking to and from the beach without me getting in a grump!

New Look Navy Chino Shorts - £14.99
These shorts will be perfect for day trips, they are a decent length, have pockets, and look nice and smart without being too dressy. I always struggle with what colours to buy things in, as my skin is so pale it's almost translucent, but I think navy is generally ok. These will also work with a holiday capsule wardrobe as I can't imagine there would be much that they wouldn't go with.

Monsoon Bandeau Dress - £22
This dress will be great for walking to the beach with my bikini on underneath, and I can see me wearing it in the UK in summer too with sandals. As it is bandeau, it will skim over my inevitable holiday belly which will appear due to the amount of yummy food I'm going to eat. For a Monsoon dress it's not a bad price as well! 

I'll hopefully do a haul post or video when I've bought some holiday things to show you, as I think a mammoth Primark shop will have to happen as well!

Are you going on holiday anywhere this year? Any shops I've missed out? Let me know in the comments!

Rachel xx


  1. Awww how lovely! Simon and I went on our first holiday together last year and it was the best holiday I've ever been on :)

    Happy clothes shopping!

    Chloe x

  2. Oh, I reeeally want a holiday this year, I'm just not sure I'm going to have time. i can't believe how quickly the year seems to be going!

  3. Sounds great, where are you off to? I always find I pack far too much for holidays and hardly wear most of it, but I tend to pack everything and the kitchen sink.


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