Friday, 4 April 2014

2014 Blogger Challenge: Photo Firsts

Yet again I'll be tweaking the blogger challenge. This is becoming quite a habit, but I still think that it's worth doing the challenges as it does give me good ideas of things to write about!

This challenge should have been a week or day in pictures type post, but lately my life has been full of housework and actual work and not much else. So, as my blog birthday is nearly upon us (10th April, put it in your diaries!) I thought I'd look back down memory lane at various firsts I've had and taken photos of... in memory of my first blog post. Does that work? I think so...

My first ever Instagram photo, taken almost 2 years ago when me and my sister saw Steps in Manchester. It was amazing. We were both huge Steps fans when we were young, we spent hours learning the dance routines and video taping every Steps thing which appeared on TV, so going to the reunion tour was mandatory. We sang, we danced and we had the best night!

My first teddy bear, which I still have to this day. He's called Old Bear and is in remarkable condition considering how old he is. He now lives on my spare bed along with Rich's first teddy bears. They're great friends.

My first time on a Segway, I talked about it more here, but it was a part of my birthday adventures last year. It was a very strange way to travel, and I thought I was going to fall off multiple times but I didn't, hurrah!

My first ever car displaying a fine covering of festival mud, his name was Kevin, and we had some fun times together! He used to hate having the clutch and break pressed at the same time, if you ever made this mistake his engine would cut out (useful). He also managed to gain inexplicable dents, including one in his roof, which I only found out years later, came from my sisters then boyfriend who tried to sit on the roof one night. I loved Kevin, but in the end I scrapped him to get the money off the government scrappage scheme. What a heartless cow I am!

I hope this has been vaguely interesting to read, and look at. I've been very busy lately, and I hope normal service will soon resume. I have a notebook full of blog post ideas, but no time to convert them into actual posts!

Rachel xx

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